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Mahawka 10-04-2012 10:56 PM

Ada Iwagumi Tank And Steps --Photo Heavy--
Hey Guys,

I am working on an new Iwagumie Style tank with HC and Micro swords. Previously I have had great success planting HC using the Dry start method, i will also be doing the same for this tank.

This Log will be separated into 3 stages.
Stage 1- Pre planting
Stage 2- Dry start
Stage 3- Flooding

In the first few weeks i will be updating this log regular so you guys can see the growth process of the plants. Enjoy!

Stage 1 - Pre Planting
** Interesting fact** Did you know that HC is a "Steam plant", therefor you can just trim the HC and replant the trimmings.
That is exactly what i did here. Since i already have a well established HC tank i trimmed and replanted the HC for my new ADA tank.
The reason why i am planting the HC prior to my new tank is so i can get a good root system established while i am collection my supplies for the future tank.

This is a super simple method to expanding your collection of HC. and here is my secret.....
DON"T over think it. All i did was fill a small basket with regular garden soil and threw the trimmings on top. (no planting required)
The Key is to keep the soil moist, to a point where the water level is about 0.5cm over the soil level. Also covering the top of the basket with saran wrap.
Covering the top will stabilize the necessary humidity for the HC to survive. One more impotent thing DO NOT PUT IN DIRECT SUN LIGHT. I can guarantee if you do your HC will die. I would suggest indirect sunlight for at least 8 hours a day.

~i will also be selling HC in the Calgary Location in about 2 months. PM me if you are interested


Time to gather my Supplies
-ADA Cube Garden -$110
-ADA Amazonia Aquarium Soil -$50
-Sun Blaster T5ho Light -$30
-Fluval 205 Canister Filer - $80

For you guys out there looking for a cheap light fixture i would highly recommend the Sun Blaster T5 lights. This light fixture is designed for greenhouse use, but you can still use if for your aquarium.
Specs- T5ho 24w, Lumen 2232, Length 24", 6400k
I can't complain for $30
There are the Sunblaster Lights
ADA Cube Garden- Dimensions: 45cm X 27cm X 30cm (just a little over 10 gallons)
Fluval 205 (for later use)
ADA Amazonia Aqua Soil

One month later i decided that it is time to start up my new tank. As you can see in the picture below the HC has grown quite a bit. The leaves are extremely green and they look very ready for planting.
Prior to planting these i uprooted the HC and rinsed them in a bucket of water. (to get the soil off). I then clumped them in to small clumps for planting.
Expanding my population of HC

Here comes the fun stuff. The Landscaping!
I later did change up the landscape by a bit afterwards, but i was too lazy to take more pictures. haha!
In the front i have about 2.5" of soil and at the back it's up to 5" tall.

After a few days of rocks play i have finally perfected my scaping. (well how i like it)
This is the where stage 2 begins. Weekly posts will be made for you guys to see the HC and micro swords growth progression.

Stage 2 - Dry Start
As you can see in the pictures below i planted the HC in about 90% of the tank and 10% of Microswords in the back.
...and yes i did use the whole basket of HC.

First i poured enough water in the tank to flood the lowest point.
then i started planting.

At this point i will keep the tank waterless for about 1 month. Since my tank is in a dry state i will not have any Co2 issues as well as Algae problems.
I have my light on a timer for 13 hours per day to promote growth. Once again if you are doing the dry start method you need saran wrap on top of your tank.
I will be misting my tank once every 4 days and lifting the saran wrap each day for air exchange.






As you can see in the photos above the HC is starting to connect to each other. I am super excited since it's growing way faster then i anticipated. I am Planning on giving it a few more weeks before starting stage 3. (adding water)

Today i also also went to a Planted Aquarium seminar hosted at Pisces. It was awesome and very informative. The best part of the seminar was that it was very ADA focused.
The host of the show went in to great details using ADA products. We also got some cool ADA gift bags and Pisces coupons. "We are not doing a fish tank here. We are doing a planted aquarium. The fishes are additions to the PLANTED tank ~Norm"

After the seminar i went on Ebay and bought a few new items for stage 3 of the tank.
1) A set of 13 mm lily pipes
2) A Hydor ETH 200 inline heater
3) Moonlight Led
4) Glass Drop Checker
5) Rhinox 1000 Diffuser
~ i will post some pictures of these products when they arrive in the mail ~

YAY!:fish: I get a chance to play with my camera. (Sony Nex 5n)

Mahawka 10-04-2012 10:56 PM


Hey guys, i have another photo update for you guys on my tank.
OMG the HC has grown alot!

I have also attached a few pictures of the 10 gallon Red Cherry Shrimp tank i am newly working on.
In regards of "SomeCanuck"'s question i have also included 2 pictures of my Fluval 205. Hope that helps.
I decided that it would be a good idea to buy a garden mat for my ADA tank. At first i was going to use a YOGA mat and cut it up, then i realized that the ADA garden mat was cheaper then a YOGA mat.
So why not! I bought the ADA mat for 16$

The two pictures below is in regards to a question from a member. In my set up i am using 1/2"ID and 5/8"OD tubing on a Fluval 205

As promised here are a few pictures of my new shrimp tank.

Stay tune, more updates to come. I will be flooding the tank very soon.

Mahawka 10-04-2012 10:57 PM


Hi! I have another update for you !!!
Today my Lily Pipes came. I ordered them from Ebay, from a vendor named "aquamagic"
For 35$ i got both the intake and the out take. And i have to say i am super happy with the product.
It is made of good quality glass, and it's thick.

Here are some more pictures of the Growth rate. It's been 21 days since i planted these. I am thinking of giving it another 2 weeks before flooding.

Root growth! WOW the micro sword roots are long !!


Hey all.

Today i decided to do a DIY moonlight for my tank. It's a super budget one, costed $5 and a can of pop. It doesn't look like the MarineLand brand ones. But can't complain for $5
Blue Led from Ebay. $3

Yes i am using a can of pop as reflectors!!!
Found some random metallic grate in the house. Meh why not? looks kinda cool

Here is a quick photo update of my Carpet. As you can see some of my leaves are changing color. I have no idea why, maybe my room is too cold. If you have an idea why please leave a post


My plan is to flood the tank this Sunday. So stay tune to stage 3 of the journal.

After learning from a friend that micoswords might spread and invade the HC, i decided to be proactive and put in some DIY dividers.
Not really even DIY, more like Cut it yourself. In the photos below i am using the plastic cups from store bought aquatic plants.

And here is probably the last update during the DSM. We will see. After doing some research i have came to the conclusion that my DSM is too moist!! and that is why my leaves are turning brown. YEA i know right!!! too moist for an aquatic plant. I decided to unseal one corner of the seran wrap.

Mahawka 10-04-2012 10:58 PM

STAGE 3 Flood


So i couldn't wait anymore and i decided to flood my tank today. I opened the window this morning and saw super long roots and said to myself "it's time" LOL.
Furthermore my aqua-magic Diffuser arrived in the mail too.

Well before I started the flooding process i decided to get my DIY Co2 setup first. With prior experience i found that it takes about 2 hours before enough pressure is created for diffusion. Because this tank is going to be fishless for a bit i decided to double to ingredient to in my DIY mixture. I want to give my HC as much Co2 as possible to adapt from emerged to submerge.

My DIY solution contains.
-4 cups of sugar
-2 teaspoon of active yeast

Here is a comparison photo of day 1 to day 30 of my HC growth. WOW

You might wonder why i have paper towels and a plastic bag in the tank. This is a good method to reduce uprooting and movement of substright when filling a tank. The paper towel/bag reduces the impact of water flow. :)

ALL filled up !! time to set up my filtration system. 78 degrees and max water flow!

Well guys, Thanks for following my Journal on my ADA tank. It was my pleasure to build this Journal. My updates will be less often now. Maybe once every two weeks to show the growth and transition of the HC. Also don't forget i will be adding in some neon tetras in about a month. If you have any questions, comments, maybe pictures of your tank, suggestions feel free to leave a post. I love posts!!!

I will leave you guys off with a few pictures of my tank. :)
My DYI moon light system

Hey Guys! it's been a while since i posted an update. Today i decided that it's time to trim the HC. It's been growing very very well and had no melting issues.

gus6464 10-05-2012 01:23 AM

That looks great! I really like the light, where did you get it from? I searched online and could not find the same light you have with reflector for $30.

Mahawka 10-05-2012 01:57 AM

Thanks :)

Here is a link for you to find a retailer for the sun blasters.

Capsaicin_MFK 10-05-2012 04:08 AM

A word of advice...dont' have any standing water during the dry start. Drain the water out and just keep the soil moist with spraying once a day. The standing water is a breeding ground for cynobacteria (aka Blue-green algae).

SomeCanuck 10-05-2012 12:16 PM

One quick question about the inline heater and lily pipes with your filter (because I've got a Fluval 105 and have been wanting to do the same thing): how are you planning on getting the inline heater to work with the terrible stock hosing? Or are you going to be replacing it with something else and if so what size hosing?

Mahawka 10-05-2012 04:13 PM

@Somecanuck. The whole Fluval hosing is just a pain in the @$$. I have done my fair share of research on this and i can guarantee you that this method i am about to show will work. No hosing incompatibility issues. But of course there are other methods of doing so, i just find this method work well for me.

Just FYI the 105 and 205 uses the same sizes of hosing.

1) the Fluval 205 filter ribbon hosing is a 1/2 (13mm) in size (Inner circle)
2) the Rubber piece on the end of 205 ribbon is 5/8". The thing that fits over the in/out take of the filter

Therefor the flow rate is designed for a 1/2" hose, but the 5/8 is just for connection sake.

After some testing, i can say that you can fit a 1/2" hose in to the canister in and out put. It is a tight fit but yes you can put a 1/2" hose in to the canister after dipping the hose into warm water.
Yes, I will be replacing the hosing with some clear hosing from home depot.

Since the stock hosing has a inner diameter of 1/2" i feel safe using a 1/2" hose to replace it.

My set up. Fluval 205 -> 1/2" hose ->Hydor ETH 200 inline heater (1/2" fitting) -> 1/2" hose -> Lily Pipe Outflow (13mm) -> ADA 10 gallon tank (45x30x27) -> Lily pipe inflow (13mm) -> 1/2" hose ->back to Fluval 205

Mahawka 10-05-2012 04:18 PM


Originally Posted by Capsaicin_MFK (Post 2033131)
A word of advice...dont' have any standing water during the dry start. Drain the water out and just keep the soil moist with spraying once a day. The standing water is a breeding ground for cynobacteria (aka Blue-green algae).

Thanks. I will make sure there are no puddles.
I found the (liquid) water changes to a gas state very quickly. Normally the puddle will disappear over night. :fish:

SomeCanuck 10-05-2012 06:02 PM

Awesome info! Thanks! I had managed to squeeze the stock hosing over a DIY spraybar I made with 1/2" pipe, but wasn't sure if it would work down at the other end where it connects to the canister itself because it seems so much bigger. You planning on using clamps or something to hold the hose tight at that end? Or do you expect it to be tight enough on its own to not require it?

ramen lover 10-05-2012 07:31 PM

subscribed! i can't see the photos (host is blocked at work), but im interested to see your setup.

Fat Guy 10-05-2012 07:55 PM

great start. looking forward to seeing it with h2o

Mahawka 10-05-2012 09:38 PM

From the fluval in/out the standard locking thing will actually lock the 1/2" tube in place. I feel that it's super secure on there but it never hurts to add some hose clamps on.

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SomeCanuck 10-05-2012 10:01 PM

Suh-weet! One last question, and then I promise to be a quiet observer... haha. What's the outside diameter on the hose you're using?

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