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evan 07-22-2003 07:21 PM

Lighting for Poor people like me 8)

rite now i have a 16" hood for 5.5 gallon. it has a 10 watt fluorescent screw-in bulb. with the help of i figured out how to double my lighting for 7 bucks. i went to home depot and bought:

screw-in bulb socket- less than 1 buck
extension cord- less than 1 buck
electrical tape- freebie* found it in a drawer in the computer room 8)
wire things used to tie trash bags- freebie* found in kitchen
10 watt screw-in bulb- 5 dolores
Soda can- *from closet after i drank it :wink:
= 7 bucks.

plug socket into extension cord. cut a hole in back of hood with scissors to let cord through. messily, :D tape outlet section of extension cord to side of strip light with socket attached. screw in bulb. use trash bag thingys to secure bulb in place. To make a crappy reflector... cut can to make a sheet and secure underneath bulb with tape. yay. done! plug in to timer or wall or whatever u want. simple and cheap.

Guttboy 07-22-2003 07:24 PM


Glad to see that it is working out for you! Perhaps if I can get this 100 gallon up and running the "significant other aka wife" will let me have another small tank.

Pipe dreams....we had 3 reefs running in japan but I was gone for over 2/3 of the year deployed she took care of them for the most part! :lol:

Oh well keep us posted!

Mike :D

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