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DogFish 09-28-2012 01:40 PM

GCCA - Fish/Invert Food - purchase split
There's a few vendors that sell Fish/Invert Food at the Swap. Unfortunately they sell in Cichlid Breeder portions. Would anyone like to get together and split some food?

I'm interested in some Live Blackworms. I think his smallest bag is 1# so maybe 2-3 people for a split. I'd like to allow some to live in my dirtied tanks until they are eaten.

There's a vendor that sells home made food flakes. Again huge baggie full size.
I bought the sampler last year in Sept. and I ended up giving 1/2 away to a

They offer:
Earth Worm Flakes - Both my Fish and Cherry Shrimp loved those
Spirulina algae - My Shrimp, SAE, Cherry Barbs and Ramshorns loved this one

They have a "Secret" powder food for Fry. I offered it to my Cherry shrimp sprinkled on the foam intake pre-filter of the HOB. I had every Cherry shrimp in the 10gl tank on the Foam until it was picked clean. All they would say was there was some brewer's yeast in it. I felt all the colors got deeper after feeding it.

I don't remember the flakes being very much $$$. It's just way more that I'll use and I prefer my food to stay fresh.

I'll bring a box of Baggies with me.

nanobettaman 09-28-2012 05:58 PM

I'd be interested in the fry food. Otherwise I've already got too much and too many kinds.

DogFish 09-28-2012 06:02 PM


Originally Posted by nanobettaman (Post 2025964)
I'd be interested in the fry food. Otherwise I've already got too much and too many kinds.

I don't really need the fry food but if we find a few other people that want it I'll go in for some. I don't keep food past 6mos. just as I wouldn't keep open food for myself that long.

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