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Aquasafe 09-18-2012 05:09 PM

Aquasafe Aquarium PRO Dual Purpose RO/DI System
Aquasafe Aquarium II Dual RO/DI System - $215.99
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  • 7 stages of water purification for your aquarium that include three stages of D.I. Filtration
  • An 8th stage for great tasting pure water
  • Consistent readings of 0 ppm
  • 100 GPD production capacity for all your drinking and aquarium needs

Ordinary tap water may contain chemicals detrimental to the sensitive organisms in an aquarium and contaminants that lead to algae growth.
Aquasafe's Aquarium PRO Dual Purpose RO/DI System ensures that none of these potentially lethal contaminants ever enter into your tank's aquatic environment or your glass.

An Aquasafe PRO Dual Purpose RO/DI System includes everything you'll need to immediately produce the cleanest and purest water for drinking along with the very best water available for your aquarium.


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