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nanobettaman 09-08-2012 03:23 PM

Questions about the Fancy Star
I have a number of questions about the Schuber-Wright Fancy Star, and a couple others about miscellaneous stuff.

1. How much light is there? Between the 2 CFLs and the LED light, I'm concerned about algae. I really like the additional LED light, but if it's not necessary to grow stems/carpets and increases the risk for algae outbreaks I'll stick with the mini66.

- Additionally, Did you ever get par values for the dual 13w CFL hood used for the schuber-wright series of bases?

2. Is the LED light seperately controllable? Say, if I wanted to use the LED with the blue bulb as a moonlight when the main light is off?

3. Do your Lid Brackets work for the low-iron 4g tank so I can put a lid to protect against jumpers/evaporation?

4. The PX-360 looks like a great little filter, however the 2' head means that one is hard-pressed to hide the canister out of sight - which to me is one of the main points of a canister, especially when trying to set up a clean, aesthetically-pleasing rimless aquarium. Do you have plans for a canister with A. a larger head, and B. flow-control?

5. Do you plan to have a presence at the GCCA swap on the 30th?
6. Do you guys have a storefront? I've seen walk-in sales listed here, do you have another coming soon?


Lowe 09-14-2012 05:04 PM

Hey there!

To answer your questions: 1) To be honest, the mini 66 would be a good fit for you. The fancy star is for those who want that extra umph, mainly for the marine market. The Mini 66 will be giving you 45-50 PAR throughout the bottom. Good medium lighting. 2) If I find them, I can throw in some brackets for you. They're hooked shaped and work perfectly with this setup. 3) Yes, the PX360 only has a 2' lift. At the moment, we don't have a larger filter available to the public. 4) No plans for the GCCA, although it is a great meet! We were there earlier this year! 6) Walk ins for aquariums are always welcome! Just let me know!

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