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RedseaReefer 09-03-2012 07:18 PM

The 75g begins..
Well it will begin soon... lol so i plan on compleatly revamping my 75g planted aquarium. So far iv collected a small stash of supplies for when im ready to do it.
40lbs Seachem Florite
40lbs Eco-compleate black
Coralife 4x54w T5HO fixt
2x Geismann Aquaflora T5HO bulbs
2x Geismann Mid-day T5HO bulbs
aquatic forceps
trimming scissors
"cleaning claw" attachment for the siphon hose
CO2 drop checker
2x Aqueon quiet flow 55/75 filters

heres a pic of the new lights:
still to come..

co2 system
various sp. or plants (to be decided)
fert test kits
maybe some dry ferts

so my big questions are pretty much:
Is the "all in one" regulator, solenoid, needle valve here by aquatek-california
is going to be worth it and my main concern is how to prevent co2 dump near the end of the tank.

also as far as "reactors" go how does a small pump with a "reaction chamber" fair against the h.o.t. versions with bio balls ect.. for example this one from DRS F+S

thanks for all the help and any info/exp is most appreciated!!
75g planted coming soon

RedseaReefer 09-05-2012 05:04 AM

bump this im about to pull the trigger on these items if anyone has any input would be awesome!!

aweeby 09-05-2012 05:16 AM

I have 2 aquateks. They are pretty good, and the EOTD shouldn't be a huge issue since you have such a big tank (it's harder to get out of balance) They do the job, but the NV is a bit lacking. If you have more than one tank and/or think you may expand in the future, I'd def go for the one with the 6 outlets. Their standalone manifold sucks, but it was the only one I could afford.

As for the reactor, I'd skip that one unless you can get a really good deal on it. Grab some PVC for cheap and make a rex grigg style reactor, I think it'll be better suited to your tank.

RedseaReefer 09-05-2012 10:18 PM

The reactor I showed is from drs F+S for I think $35 as long as its not too huge I think I can hide it behind some of my woodwork and plants and get "99%" co2 dissolved into the water. I just don't want it to be 6x6x12 huge pump I wont be able to hide. As for the Gregg reactor I don't think is viable for me right now because I don't have a canister. I actually just got two aqueon quiet flow 55/75 filters for the easy of media changes. At this point Iv put the lights and filters on. Waiting on my co2 to start the tear down and rebuild. But should I be running air stones still? Should I be trying for surface agitation? I have been co2 boosting and ferts with flourish iron and comprehensive Basicly as the label directs. Any direction would be great sorry if I'm scatter brained lol. Thanks for the input!!

aweeby 09-05-2012 10:40 PM

Hm, If you haven't bought anything yet, I would just go for one of those hagen mini internal HOBs. It would be cheaper. Or you could get a mag 12 for 18$ or so and have that to power an external reactor. You can have a bit more flexibility, IMO. Or you could cut a hole in the intake of the HOb and feed co2 directly into the filter, but you'd have to raise water level to avoid excessive agitation. I'd get rid of the airstone. THe following link should help you out with the ferts.

RedseaReefer 09-08-2012 04:19 AM

Back again! So I have a few quick questions.. First of all should I ultimately be aiming for a canister filter for a planted setup? And why? Also when I get around to "caping" my substrate should I use sand or small gravel? And what kind of rocks might look good in mu setup? Also I have a pleco that Iv had for about 9 mos now and he's about 6-8" now. I was wondering if I should start finding him a new home if I'm going for a fully planted tank with capeting plants?

As far as my water goes.. I have a RO unit that makes about 1g/hr that i got for my saltwater tank.. but I was wondering which is better for the plants: ro + seachem eq. Or tap water + water cond./dechlor?? I'll test my tap and RO water as soon as I get some test strips. A few more things my anubius plants I think they are nanas, they have grown alot since I put the new lights on but a few have some dark spots and small holes here's a pic
I read that they ate very low light plants but that people have grown them in high light with co2 injection? I do plan on getting pressurized co2 setup realy soon but should I replant them or move something slightly over it till I redo the whole tank? Last question. Iv read Alot about ferts but still a little noob to all the technical side of it all. But are premixed solutions, for example the flourish line of liquid ferts like comprehensive and iron like I have now, going to be enough when I have a tank full of plants soaking up all that new light? That's all for now hoping to redo the tank twords the end of the month. Here's a mid day pic my gf took while I was at work :) later!

RedseaReefer 09-09-2012 04:32 PM

Sunday morning bump!

TheBigSleep 09-10-2012 02:17 PM

Why are you going to cap the substrate? Aesthetics?

RedseaReefer 09-10-2012 05:05 PM

I actually planned on caping it mostly so I could clean the top layer with a siphon without disturbing the Eco complete sandy stuff plus the fluorite clay and sucking it all out lol

Kathyy 09-10-2012 06:32 PM

That Anubias' new leaf looks more like A. coffeefolia than nana, very nice! Usually when my plants get holes they are hungry for something or another, not sure which in this case. The green spots are just a bit of GSA. Just the right amount of phosphorus keeps it off my Anubias but that isn't enough to worry about. My Anubias do great in bright light and currently there are several flowers on them.

If GH/KH are higher than you would like you can just mix the RO in the proportions that would give you the water you want in the tank. If the tap is 12GH and you want 6 then mix half and half for instance.

For a while my substrate was mostly very light weight Schultz Aquatic Soil, I just hold the siphon over the substrate, mulm and such are lighter weight than the SAS and float up and away. Any cap is going to get mixed into the rest of the substrate unless you work really hard to keep them separate.

The nutrient calculator here will help. Seachem liquids are listed.

Most people get annoyed with HOB filters after a while. I think they are noisier and have less filter media capacity than canisters? I like that they are easy to get to to rinse out the media and keep the water surface clean with a nice ripple. Just keep the water level high to avoid outgassing CO2 with a lot of splashing.

RedseaReefer 09-10-2012 10:14 PM

Well I went out today and picked up the fluval 406 canister filter at Ye ole petsmart for about $200 which is exactly what I had planned on spending on one if I had to get it.
Anyway.. I only had a chance to unbox it and snap a few pics before I had to go to work. Where I am now shh.

So I'm pretty sure it will be an upgrade from the 2x aqueon quiet flow 55/75 I JUST got and had the filter pads clogged in about ten days from installation.
I do plan on reducing the livestock in my tank as the platys grow a little and I decide on the markings I like which should help some. Anyway is there any reason I should take it back to the store before I find it's not enough or not quality?( I know fluval usually is good stuff)

For my co2 so I'm pretty sure I'll be going with that aquatek -California regulator/NV/solenoid and maybe the jbj bubble counter because I think I can mount it directly off the NV. Then I think I will end up going for either a inline reactor with the can filter or.. Maybe the small pump I posted its a red sea "co2 reactor 500" it's only like 3"x4"x2.5" which I think I could hide in the tank. But probably the inline one as long as I end up keeping the fluval. Besides that I think Iv collected a good amount of equipment to have a decent setup. Lights, substrate, filtration, fertilization. Just feels like I'm missing something. Oh yeah!! Plant and fish choices.

I like the rotala indica for a stemy background plant for maybe behind the driftwood
Anubias I love and I think I'd like to get maybe two dif species a few of smaller leafs and maybe one with large leaves.
Robomba? I think it's called I also want some more of.

Fish: ??
No clue right now. Currently I have too many.. Lol
+\-25 adult/juv Platys
1x Red tail shark
1x 6-8" clown loach
2x 3-4" clown loaches
3x panda Cory cats
5x juv black mollies
1x 8" common pleco
Think that's all..

But for the final product I don't think the usual tetras and danios are going to work the same way just because of the scale of my driftwood so I'm still thinking on what specis to stock the final planted tank with. Well that all for now I think Iv said too much already. Look forward to your criticizism and experienced stories

RedseaReefer 09-10-2012 10:17 PM

Just wanted to say thanks to Kathyy for the input glad to hear about the Anubis it's Basicly my favorite plant in there right now. Can't wait to get it all emptied so I can think more clearly about it and move it around and lay it out.. Forgot to add that to my last post!

RedseaReefer 09-11-2012 04:07 PM

Just a pic of the setup fluval 406. Runs pretty quiet. Seems to be ALOT more media than the 4x L aqueon pads from before. More pics when the lights pop on!

RedseaReefer 09-21-2012 12:11 AM

Hoping to order the co2 regulator and NV tonight and go next week and pick up my tank. After that its just a matter of breakdown and assembly of everything.. (If only it were so easy) lol I still need to decide on a diffusion method.. I'm so torn between all the options.. Reactor? Reaction chambered pump? Diffuser.. Ceramic or membrane style? Idk just a little lost on the final dissolution method i want to use..

RedseaReefer 10-01-2012 10:42 PM

So iv been thinking... The 75 I plan on re-do ing is actually quite old and less than crystal clear. There are a few scratches and some hazy-ness on the front and sides. So:. Moving forward I think I'll push back the revamp until maybe Christmas or so when I can save up for a nice looking tank.. Any suggestions? I'm really in love with the ADA "trimless" but I don't think I can get a 75ish tank in America or at all from ADA. Aside from that and a few other rimless options I think I'll be going with a 90 gallon black from marineland with stand for something like $699 if I remember right. Ahah! I did remember correctly..

One more thing I wanted to ask about is.. Heating
Should I consider a under gravel or under tank heater to promote good water flow and bacteria growth in the substrate, as well as promote healthy root growth? I really would like to leave the tank up for awhile without a substrate overhaul.. but idk if 5 years is really the goal here. Thanks again for all the advice love all the tanks and people here ^.^ hope to hear from you guys soon!!

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