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hydrophyte 08-10-2012 09:45 PM

Get 'em cheap! 11 August '12 new order with fresh riparium plants.
Get 'em cheap! 11 August '12 new order with fresh riparium plants.

Several of these plants are unrooted semi-aquatic stem plants. I am going to start rooting these soon, so I will have the inexpensive cuttings for just a few days. They are easy to root--just place the plant in a bright spot with the base in the water. After new roots start to form you can plant the rooted base in the riparium planter.

The leather fern is an excellent plants and one of my favorite riparium subjects. The dwarf Ruellia grows to just 8" or so tall--it's an excellent choice for a nano riparium--and blooms with lovely blue flowers!

Note that I also have two good selections for riparium trellis rafts (aluminum plant and Alternanthera) in case you might need to fill more trellis raft space.

The following lists each plant selection along with prices:

  • Hygrophila corymbosa giant hygro - bunch unrooted cuttings - $2
  • H. corymobosa temple plant - bunch unrooted cuttings - $2
  • H. salcifolia blue hygro - bunch unrooted cuttings - $2
  • Bacopa monnieri - bunch unrooted cuttings - $2
  • Ludwigia peruensis - bunch unrooted cuttings - $2
  • Acrostichum danaeifolium leather fern - medium plant -$4
  • Ruellia brittoniana dwarf bluebell - medium plant - $3
  • Pilea cadierei aluminum plant - bunch unrooted cuttings -$2

Any quantity of these plants will ship via USPS Priority for $6.

I might snap a few pictures of these plants, but like I mentioned I will have them available as the economical unrooted cuttings for just a few days.


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