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Zefrik 08-01-2012 02:58 AM

Got myself a "Diy" accident.
I have a 36 gallon tank that I am wanting to fix a broken pane of glass on. It is the back pane so it should be easier to get a piece of replacement glass. But instead of just fixing it I am going to make it better! I checked the glass thickness and it is 3/8in thick. I think that this glass would be okay without a rim! I want to take all of the silicone off of the tank and start from scratch. I was reading Scolley's thread about building a tank and it would seem that GE RTV108 silicone might be my best bet. This tank could end up looking pretty cool, kind of like an ADA style bowfront tank. Or it could end up not working at all and make a mess and waste even more money.

Do you guys think this would work?

Back Story

Well I was working on redoing my 36 gallon bowfront reef tank for the past few weeks. A few days ago I got a kit from to setup an overflow. This is my first time drilling a tank so I was pretty nervous. But everything went okay, until I filled it up with water and the water level was not above the black trim. I figured I better take the overflow apart and get one that was higher. So what I was down $40. Well while taking apart my tank the back pane of glass started to crack right where the hole was. So now I have a cracked tank. I went an bought a 29 gallon from petsmart and I am starting over on that but I am wanting to try and fix this tank eventually.

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