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rowrunner 07-22-2012 10:14 PM

30L 1st Tank
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This is the first tank I have ever done I've had a lot of inspiration from y'alls tanks. I want a pretty heavily planted tank but I'm trying to start small until I learn a little.

rowrunner 07-22-2012 10:33 PM

This pic was taken on 7-1-12. More to come later as I get more time.

livingword26 07-22-2012 10:51 PM

Nice start. I love driftwood and natural looking substrate. What kind of plants do you have.

rowrunner 07-23-2012 01:17 AM

It's Water Sprite, Amazon Sword, Rotala Indica, and Spritalis Crypt. There is some Java Moss in there as well but I didn't attach it right. There have been more changes since I took out the Indica, it melted just as soon as I put it in there.

I'm going to add more recent pics tomorrow but I've really enjoyed the tank thus far. Trial and error is a common theme here, I guess I have a lot more failures to look forward to.

rowrunner 07-24-2012 12:44 AM

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I removed Indica and planted Cabomba, Ludwigia Repens, Varigated Bacopa, and small Anubius Nana tied to small piece of driftwood. Cabomba grows like crazy but Ludwigia has a weird curl in it. If anyone has any tips on why all the stems have the same weird curl it would be a great help. Sorry for any spelling mistakes.:icon_redf

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