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Wasserpest 07-19-2012 06:07 PM

Shrimp and Invertebrates FAQ
This post contains a compilation of links to helpful threads, FAQs, and articles.

General Guides
Advice for new shrimp keepers
List of Hobby Inverts

Specific Guides
Information for people wanting to breed cherry shrimp Article
Crystal Red Shrimp information (care and breeding) Article
DIY Peat Filter
Crystal Bee Shrimp Breeding Guide - Making It Easy

List of shrimp and invertebrate related abbreviations
Glossary of Terms, FAQ's, useful links and search tips

What's that bug? How to recognize them

Shrimp picture gallery
Shrimp aquariums

Wasserpest 07-22-2012 05:54 PM

Topics for FAQ posts/threads/articles


Originally Posted by Kunsthure (Post 1950198)
Here are my suggestions for the FAQs we need for inverts:
1. Abbreviations
2. Neo info, like which ones are neos, basic neo care and breeding
3. Caridina info, just like what would be in the neo thread
4. Substrates
5. General fish and critter (eg CPO or crays) compatibility
6. Possible reasons shrimp might be dying and what to do about them
7. Foods
8. Filtration options
9. Possibly basic tank setup, if that's not covered somewhere already
10. Snails
11. Possibly one about other inverts like crays, since this is an invert sub-forum, not just a shrimp sub-forum


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