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Siggav 07-09-2012 10:18 PM

Siggav - My Rio 180 (56k)
Right so I decided I wanted to have a thread tank journal thing for my tank. Right now this is the only tank I'm running. I upgraded from a 29g tank to this one just over 2 years ago.

The tank is a juwel rio 180, 40" by 16" and 20" tall. 48 gallons of water or so in it. Still just use the filter that came with it, I've always been understocked so that's not really been an issue. I'm starting to come closer to full stocking so we'll see a bit how that goes

No Co2, barely dose fertilisers either, root tabs, substrate is fine gravel and sand with laterite.

I've always kept plants in that low tech low stakes sort of way but recently wanted to try to aquascape it more and make it prettier. This is what it looked like before I started messing with it:

Then I got a nice piece of redmoor root several months back and finally actually went and put it into the tank and moved plants around just a few days ago. I've also added 12 penguin tetras and 3 otos fairly recently

Current state of tank:

Vallisneria, don't know what type, it gets very long and sends out runners like crazy
Crypt of some sort, wendtii?
Java fern
anubias nana in the corner

1 pearl gourami
5 neon tetras
2 cherry barbs
12 penguin tetras
2 sterbai cories
3 otos

Lights are just the default 2 x 45w T5 that came with the tank, don't have a reflector in atm and still no Co2 or any real fert dosing. Basically all very low tech. I still need to throw out a bunch of vallisneria regularly though.

Im still getting used to the penguin tetras, they took to the tank very well but they fight a lot with each other. Lots of movement from them though and activity and they don't really seem worse for wear with all the scrapping.

Btw took the first photo with my phone, don't really know why the colour balance got so green, should be the same colour on the background in all the shots.

Any advice on aquascape or plants? I want to stay low tech but I could start fertilising etc if I have to. I think the extra bioload from the tetras will probably be a bit extra for the plants so was planning on just waiting and see how things go in the next couple of months before making any changes. I'm fine with slow growth as long as the tank looks pretty.

2in10 07-10-2012 12:51 AM

Tank looks very good, normal activity for the Tetras.

Siggav 07-14-2012 08:12 PM

Added 4 german blue rams, we'll see how they'll go in the tank. I've wanted dwarf cichlids for ages and decided to just go for it.

They're absolutely lovely so far, two youtube clips of the tank one slightly older one, pre rams and then with them

It's fun watching them explore the tank, and with that addition my stocking is completely done, if I want to tinker more it'll be plants.

Absolutely gorgeous little fish

whiteblaze 27 07-14-2012 09:15 PM

love the tank german blue rams look awesome! i have a pare my of german blues myself!

Siggav 07-23-2012 09:37 PM

More and better photos of the fish, the crypts and anubias are doing really well though, extra crypts turning up and all of them are putting up new leaves and there's been like 4 new leaves on the anubias in the last 2 weeks which is pretty good going for it really.

These two have paired up and they've been getting pretty possessive over a corner of the tank. I'm not in a position to raise any eggs but it's nice to watch them interact though

Paired male on his own

Sparring with the other guy

Other guy on his own

Updated FTS

I had to moderately wreck the aquascape a bit to put in more breakers of line of sight and stuff into the tank. Also in that shot some cucumber and zuccini and lettuce for my otos, Im not sure I have enough of the right type of algae to feed them just from the tank so I'm playing it safe.

The second female I have of the GBRs is being bullied somewhat by the others right now. She's not gone into hiding and she eats well still but her colour is paler than the others and they all chase her around a fair bit and she has a small wound on one side.

She also has a bit of a defect where a part of her gillcover is missing. She was like that when I got her and I didn't have heart to take her back to the LFS. It doesn't seem to affect her and she was bullying my currently single male a few days ago. The drama never stops with these fish.

Anyway here's her:

Siggav 08-21-2012 09:27 AM

Came home to a dead pearl gourami and oto. Pearl gourami had had a growth at the base of her pectoral fin for a while so I guess that ended up doing her in, don't know about the oto.

Bah, it's never fun loosing fish.

Ozydego 08-21-2012 01:38 PM

I had a powder blue gourami with a similar growth. After about two weeks of him barely getting around, fins tattered and gasping at the surface I finally put him down. Weird though about the growth on the pec fin though.

Absolutely stunning tank, I really like the rescape!

tomfromstlouis 08-21-2012 01:56 PM

Love your tank Siggav. The penguin tetras are a really nice look. It seems like they school pretty well together?

I like the val background, but I think it might look even better with some sort of backing on the glass. I myself prefer black paint. Even without it you have a very peaceful scene.

Siggav 08-21-2012 02:27 PM

Thanks! Ive put black background on the tank before but took it off, I've gotten so used to seeing the shimmer of the lights on the wall behind the tank and getting a bit of extra light into the tank through the back that it just felt really weird and closed off to me having a solid background. I know a lot of people much prefer tanks with proper backgrounds. I might try again with a background that has a frosted glass effect that might hit the sweet spot of being more of a background while still letting light through.

The penguin tetras are fun, they school tightly when they're a bit insecure, during waterchange time or just after eating etc. at other times they'll spread out and fight amongst each other quite viciously sometimes, with scales falling off down to the bottom. I don't really understand them. They seem to be doing fine though. I have 12 which I think is a good number.

My pearl gourami was around 3 years old so not a baby but not old yet either I think. Still oh well I guess, I was sad to loose her though. I don't know if I'll get another. Maybe try an angelfish instead push the tank into something closer to a full on SA tank.

I should probably update with a new full tank shot, experimenting with a few carpeting plants so it's a bit work in progress right now, just seeing if any of them will take off or not, I'm mostly expecting not. Also got some weeping moss to tie on the driftwood

BoxxerBoyDrew 08-21-2012 05:02 PM


I really love the plant selection!!! Fish too!!! GBR are 1 of my favorites, and though I have never kept them the penguin tetras are FUN to watch! Sterbai Corys are VERY COOL TOO!!! I would think about putting a few more of them in the tank, as the corys really like to have a group of their own kind! Maybe 3 or better yet 5 more! I usually try to keep odd numbers of fish. I really don't know why, but I have read LOTS of Fish keeping mags and books over almost 30 years of fish keeping, and most of the writers say odd numbers work better! ??? Who Knows??? lol

I my really wanting to scape my 40B very much like this for the breeding pair of Angels I have! I still need to build a stand for my 40B though, so they are in my 55g which is more of a high tech setup with T5 HO and Pressurized Co2. Even though I have mainly Crypts in it now! lol But I want to do a peaceful low tech so the Angels will have a easy time while trying to hatch a spawn!

Anyway I hope you don't mind me borrowing from your scape! You have done a EXCELLENT JOB!!!

Keep up the awesome work, and with the great pics too!

P.S. SORRY about the loss of the Pearl and Otto! Pearls are my favorite Gourami, of the bigger Gouramis, and ottos can be tricky to get acclimated to a new home! I have lost a few myself, as have most of us! I usually buy 3 more than I am wanting in a tank to makeup for losses!

Siggav 08-22-2012 07:49 AM

Wow thank you :D and im just really flattered that you're inpired by my tank!

I used to have 9 sterbai cories but had a tank disaster and lost most of them. Only one left now :/ he's close to 7 years old and not entirely well. Basically something happened a few months back (before rescape) and all the MTS died in a day. Still have no idea what happened. I sort of want to change out my substrate before adding more cories

Siggav 08-30-2012 01:21 PM

More bad news, lost both of my female GBR to wounds, one had a part of her lip bitten off and the other had the wound on her side. So that's not brilliant.

The two males appear to have a truce mostly with the tank almost divided in two between them. One is more dominant over the other though but the tank is big enough and planted enough that they mostly keep out of each others way. We'll see how it goes.

I have two baby angelfish in there now as well. I know they might not get along as they grow up but they're fine for now. I went to the LFS to see if they had good looking healthy female GBR to add in but they only had small and thin ones so I didn't feel confident to get any of those. I however succumbed to the angelfish.

I should probably have thought it through a bit more but watching them makes me smile so that's something.

Bleeker 08-30-2012 01:48 PM

I loove angels. Those colors are very unique. I once only had two angels in a tank and I got them who they were about nickle size, They ended up becoming a pair. I think I was just lucky tho. But keep it up! Love the wood btw.

Siggav 08-30-2012 03:16 PM

Yeah, I really like altums (well aware that Im not going to keep any though) so I've sort of been after striped angelfish and even though I know that's the wildform colour not seen many at all around, lots are veiltail koi etc, and I was wanting just normal fin silver ones.

Those little guys I have now are a bit extra stripy, but that's fine :) (and also the other colours of angelfish are all great, it's more that the ones Ive seen have often had wonky ventrals and huge eyes and looked abit stunted etc.)

My longer term stocking in the tank for now is:
2 german blue rams
2 angelfish (we'll see about how they get on)
12 penguin tetras
5 otos

Tank is 40" by 16" so more floor space than a standard 55g since it's wider but it's shorter.

Other fish in the tank as well right now
1 sterbai cory
3 neon tetras
2 cherry barbs

I can always move my neons into my shrimp tank if the angels start getting bigger and interested but those neons are ancient now and I'm expecting them to die off in the next few months. I used to have a school of around 12 tetras years ago and those 3 are the last survivors at this point. Same with the barbs and the cory.

I might try to change out my substrate next weekend. That'll be a lot of work.

Siggav 08-31-2012 09:20 PM

Ok took some updated tank photos. It's a bit less clean than it was at one point but I wanted to see how a few different plants would grow so there's a bit too many plant species in there really (I tend to like a fairly minimalistic plant selection) however dealing with the val had been a pain and I gave it a big haircut. I started getting BGA problems from lack of flow I think, the surface was getting clogged with the super long valisneria leaves.

I have no idea how the one sprig of cabomba will do, it came with some shrimp I got for my nano tank and I wasn't going to put it there. Way to nice looking to just throw away though so in it goes.

The new guys

I clearly like black and silver in fish, hah

Full tank shot

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