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idleivey 07-07-2012 08:46 PM

My office bowl (Updated Pics 10/22)
Last one, I swear. This is in my office. I need to get a taller lamp for it and i'll try to get a better picture when the bubbles go away.

Light 9watt 6500k CFL
Substrate 1" MGO potting soil, .5" sand, .5" gravel.
Flora Cryptocoryne wendtii, Ammania gracilis, and Rotala Indica.

idleivey 07-12-2012 08:20 PM

The lighting is pretty haphazard at the moment. What I need is a lamp that I can set directly above the bowl but I've been limiting myself to what I can find at goodwill so no luck so far.

No shrimp/fish yet. I'm considering a betta as I don't think my office ever dips below 60F.

Kehy 07-12-2012 08:55 PM

Unless that bowl is much much bigger than how it looks, I would skip the betta and just do shrimp. The wood takes up too much swimming space for the betta, but shrimp would love the extra room to crawl around on. Other than that, looks good

idleivey 07-12-2012 09:28 PM

It's pretty big. While the wood takes up a decent amount of space. I'm guessing its about 4 gallons. It's about 1' tall and 1' wide. Anyway it has to sit for a while, as it has only been running for a week.

idleivey 07-12-2012 09:38 PM

I don't know if this helps but coffee cup for scale.

Kehy 07-12-2012 10:03 PM

well, the wood looks like it takes up a good 1-2 gallons. I still say shrimp, just imagine how it would look with some CRS or cherries all happy and crawling around on it. Your choice though.

idleivey 07-12-2012 10:14 PM

It's all good. I wouldn't mind picking up some CRS... we shall see.

idleivey 10-05-2012 03:21 AM

Ended up adding a paradise fish, pretty funny guy. He's earned the nickname "murder fish" at the office as he kills anything I put into the bowl with him (shrimp and snails).

Newman 10-05-2012 04:06 AM

have you measured the gallons in this bowl? 2 gallons most likely. I recommend re-homing the paradise fish. It really does not belong in a system like this. too small, too cold(if its in the 60Fs), not enough filtration(lots of nice plants though!).

I'd just do orange shrimp in that bowl, or something similar.

bowl looks great :)

Acro 10-05-2012 04:06 AM

Beautiful, but I have to say, very little swimming space.

idleivey 10-05-2012 04:19 AM

He seems fine to me, been in there for a month or so. I have measured the volume and its 4 gallons. The fish looks a lot bigger then he really is in the picture as the bowl distorts the image. As far as filtration its a walstad so biological filtration, also gets weekly water changes. As far as temps its a 24hr call center with a pretty constant temp of 70.

idleivey 11-17-2012 08:08 PM

Some new pics.

Newman 11-18-2012 03:36 AM

certainly looks awesome. perfect use of the awkward wood coming out of the bowl. now its looks great with emergent growth.

idleivey 11-19-2012 02:22 PM

Thanks Newman, the Ludwigia ended up working great right at the water line.

paybackranch 11-19-2012 03:05 PM

Very impressive....I wasn't sure about the wood with the first photos, but the whole bowl looks great now! I love nanos and this one is awesome! I am thinking of doing something similar now with all of the great ideas I have been looking at for the last several months on this forum.

What bulb are you using for lighting??


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