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Borikuan 07-03-2012 03:05 AM

20L Dirty!! 56k beware!

Last page for Updates and pics!!

demonr6 07-03-2012 12:05 PM

Damn those Petco dollar-per-gallon sales!

Borikuan 07-20-2012 08:44 PM

Ok here's the plan:

20L Dirty!


-20L from Petco
-MGOP ( Miracle Gro Organic Potting mix
-Black Diamond blasting sand 20-40
-2 clip on light fixtures/reflectors from Harbor Freight
-2 Sylvania 13watt CFL 6.5k
-Marineland Biowheel 150 filter
-Sponge filter


-Anubias Frazeri (too big for this tank!)
-Baby Tears on lava rock
-Anubias Nana
-Dwarf Hairgrass


-API CO2 booster
-API Leaf Zone
-Seachem Prime
-Nutrafin Cycle

Keep in mind this is a "test" tank in my garage. Once it is established and I can confirm growth is possible I may scape this and plant this properly.

Some pics:

The garage set-up

Dirt in:

Black Diamond in:

Plants and wood in:


Has you can see the manzanita decided to float and some 2 of the Frazeris floated too. The roots on this guys are way too big, gonna have to replace those. Right now , the filters are doing their thing , so in the meantime I have to find more plants to put in there and will probably upgrade the CFLs to 26 watters. Stay tuned...

wetbizquit 07-20-2012 10:46 PM

dang will that rack hold up the tank? lol looks a little sketchy but im liking where this thread is heading!

toastedtoast 07-20-2012 11:27 PM

Awesome! 20L is a great size

2x13W cfls in shop lights is the same setup I've ended up using my for 20L and I've had good success growing lilaeopsis as well as most basic stems, vals, ferns etc so I suspect what you're doing will work fine.

If you do decide to add more light, a third 13 may be a better option then increasing the size of the ones you have since it may allow better coverage and gives interesting options like a noon burst if you want to play around.

xenxes 07-21-2012 12:15 AM

20Ls are my favorite!

Yeah.. that rack looks flimsy? What's the weight rating?

tomfromstlouis 07-21-2012 12:43 AM

I do not trust that rack either.

Otherwise, a promising start.

Borikuan 07-21-2012 01:53 AM


Originally Posted by wetbizquit (Post 1950836)
dang will that rack hold up the tank? lol looks a little sketchy but im liking where this thread is heading!

Its fine, the thing is rated for 250 pounds . I sat on the thing prior to set up... :-)

GMYukonon24s 07-21-2012 01:47 PM

Nice start!

Borikuan 07-21-2012 04:21 PM


-Got some red crypts and a piece of driftwood with attached anubias. The wood got lost in there so I'm going to add some rocks soon.

-Added a 3rd shoplight has suggested, much improvement on overall illumination. ;)

-Water is still kinda cloudy, want to add some Clearmax to the HOB , but I have not tested parameters yet ( lazy :sleep:)

-Temp was up in 85 . Stopped by W.mart and bought a clip on fan, temp dropped to 80 in a matter of minutes . Fan stays. :proud:

Stay tuned

shrimpNewbie 07-28-2012 11:48 PM

I had one of those racks with a lot more weight on it, they are rated per shelf the system as a whole could probably handle a lot more, so 250 per shelf. Nice start

Michiba54 07-30-2012 10:29 PM

Hey Borkiuan looks good. I really like those lamps too... so shiny :)

Did your Black Diamond have 1/4" glass sticks in it?

bitFUUL 07-30-2012 11:25 PM

Sweet Setup Borikuan. Keep an eye on your temps, when i had a 37 gallon in my garage, it fluctuated in temp pretty drastically. Both summer and winter can be rough in a garage, so watch your plants closely, and keep us posted with tons of updates/pics!

10gallonplanted 07-31-2012 02:20 AM

I never have any luck with dirt capped with sand. Always causes BBA and hiar algae in about two months, but when i use fine gravel to top it off it works perfect! No algae and healthy plants. Hopefully you will have better luck than me!

Borikuan 08-26-2012 08:38 PM


Added some fauna and flora:

Fauna :

7- Neon tetras
2- Male endlers
4- White Clouds
2- Amanos
2- Refugee Assasin snails from my tore down 2.5
?- The usual pond snails pooping everywhere


- Red Ludwigia
- Random Cabomba
- Stargrass
- Lemon something ( i forgot the rest of the name)
- Java Fern


- Added a cheap 7 dollar water pump from Harbor Freight for circulation, works perfect.
-Will be upgrading the Aquaclear 20 to maybe a 50.
-Added some Pagoda stones, nice touch to the boring scape. I still suck at scaping :-(


- The DHG is going all over the place, there's runners everywhere
- 1 of my Amanos committed suicide, and fell in the empty 20L bellow dont ask me how that happened
- I had a Tiger Barb refugee in the breeder recuperating from a beating he got from my Green barb. He then decided to jump into the main 20L and hang out with the smaller fish. I allowed him to hang around until I caught him harassing one of the Endlers. I snatched his ass out and threw him back in the breeder and put the lid on. I'm going to have to get rid of those barbs, they don't play well with others.

Sorry for the weird looking pics, my "good" camera was stolen by my sister in law to take pics of Mandalorians at Star Wars Celebration :-)

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