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RXTrev 07-07-2003 03:24 PM

Well ever since the night of the 4th...I've had none. The storm hit at 4am and lasted about 30 min. You could not see out the window's cause of all the rain and it sounded like a tornado rattling all the windows and they are doing flyby's to see if one went over the top of the city, because supposedly all the tall old treetops are twisted.
We were boxed by fallen trees and power lines all of saturday. I had to drive over the lawn to get out. My house was lucky...I have the biggest tree in the neighborhood, but it's still standing, but the tops are all broken and its just a matter of time before those fall 50+ feet to my yard or garage or fence. One tree landed on a house about 4 doors down and woke the lady that lived there...she went out on her porch to see what it was and it rolled down on her porch roof! Talk about scary. The house across the street from me lost a tree and it was laying over their truck...barely missing crushing it by about 6 inches...the branches held it up high enough. My parent's house, about 5 minutes away across the river, was untouched, but their garage is basically no more...the bricks are slowly falling off and its leaning about 2-3 ft to the side. A tree (about 50+ ft tall)from the opposite side of the neighbor's yard fell on it taking a another tree down on its way. The roots were alone 6in-12in in diameter taking a fence with them 10 ft in the air! You could walk under the fence easily.

My planted tanks are doing fine...actually growing more bushy without light??? I kept the C02 going and just left it as is. But my $$$$ reef tank is slowly falling apart :( I've only lost 2 fish thank god. One tang and a chromis, so my expensive fish (50-100+) are still doing ok, but my amenones are slowly dying. My corals didn't have a chance so I lost a lot there. I've been stirring the water with the backside of a net(oxygenates extremely well with that little loops on the end) every 30 mins of so...leaving it only a few times for a couple hours at most while I went shopping or to a friend's for a meal or some air conditioning and while I slept only a few hours (too hot and too worried about losing more $$ in saltwater).

I threw out all the food in the fridge and freezer yesterday. My fiance and I have been taking showers by candlelight and have been eating out the whole time. I'm going nuts here at work worrying about my fish. I don't think I'll have power till late tonight or tomorrow since its been raining off and on the last 2 days.

So it looks like I'm going to invest in a generator in a few weeks when I have the extra $$$...or is there a cheaper way to have power for a few days?

This has been a horrible holiday weekend I'll never forget!!!!

GulfCoastAquarian 07-07-2003 03:34 PM

Sorry to hear about all the trouble! I live in hurricane country and even I've never been hit that hard! I can't afford a generator, but I do need to go and buy some battery operated aerators at the bait shop. For about $5, you can get the ones that are just a diaphragm pump running on a few D batteries that will run for hours and can drive a decent sized airstone.
But for $30, they have a small powerhead with an air injected venturi that runs off a 12V car battery. You could keep that reef aerated pretty well with one of those. Wal-Mart has them in the sporting goods department.
Glad to hear you're ok, though!

RXTrev 07-07-2003 05:50 PM

Hmm...thanx for that idea. It would have been nice if Walmart put them in their fish department so I knew they made such a thing ;)

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