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Zefrik 06-30-2012 01:38 AM

My 20 Gallon Long "Shrimp & Plant" tank
I am setting up another tank! But to do that I have to take down two of my other tanks. Which is okay because they are both getting neglected and need more attention. I am going to be moving my red cherry shrimp that I have in my ten gallon tank to this tank, in hopes of having happier shrimp and more breeding! The tank the shrimp are in now is very "thrown" together. It has java moss floating in it. All of the driftwood pieces are covered in BBA and it does not get frequent water changes. So with a Dollar a Gallon sale going on a decided to give my shrimp an upgrade to a bigger tank with more luxuries.

Tank: 20 Long
Substrate: Fluval Plant Stratum 16.7lbs
Filter: Fluval 205
Light: Currently a 23watt CFL, But it is later going to be one T5HO 24watt bulb
Co2: I might run eventually run a co2 line over to this tank. It is about 15 feet away but I have a Hex-manifold that I can use later to split the co2 flow.

I plan on putting some more "center piece" type plants in here, such as crypts and some bulb plants. I will still have 1 or 2 kinds of stems though. I have 3 small pieces of driftwood from other tanks that I am going to scrub and boil tomorrow to get all of the algae off of them. But other than that I don't have to many plans for a hard-scape.

Pics soon!

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