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MABJ 06-10-2012 10:40 PM

Mini Zen Garden
Hey everybody. This is my first thread. I'm a recent convert from AA, where they didn't treat us so well..

I've got a few tanks, but I've recently been wanting to start a really interesting planted mini cube.

A lot of people push sand around, well I think a peaceful little underwater garden would be just as neat.

So I went and picked up a cheap little cube, and I soon noticed someone here had a thread where he used it as a hospital tank for plant clippings and an avacado pit. I think it is such a nice tank, albeit cheaply made.

So I picked up a .5 gallon Marina 'betta' kit. For $8 shipped, WOW what a deal...

The tank is shaped pretty cool and it has a great lid.

So down to the basics. I don't really want any life in it. Copepods will be inevitable, so will some snails. But I want a cool look for it.

That's the tank, and the childish backgrounds pop right out.

I was thinking a Dwarf Riccia carpet on all 4 sides, and an interesting assortment/array of plants in the raised middle.

I'm looking for suggestions on the type of plant to go in the middle, keeping in mind it cant grow too tall, and I'm looking for a suggested filter, because I know I don't like how water gets when stagnant.

Thanks for help with my first post!

PinoyBoy 06-10-2012 11:41 PM

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I had one of those! They were so cool. Here's a lil' inspiration for you to go along with. It's not my tank, but I did the same thing to it. I added a cork/bark background on mine and covered it in mini pellia. The background was about 1cm thick so it didn't take too much space. As for the foreground, fissidens moss and anubias nana petite. I wouldn't recommend any rooting plants in this tank. The top is covered by salvinia. The light was a desk lamp. I had a few shrimps on mine, but sadly they died after 4 months. I'm guessing it was the spring time temperature fluctuating. A few nerites or assassin snails will be neat in here.

FisheriesOmen 06-10-2012 11:55 PM

Now I want one...for some reason I got random inspiration to grow bettas from baby to adult...this would be perfect for the baby betta. I'm surprised though, normally little kits like this cost at least $30 but this at normal pricing is only $14....nice, Can't wait to see your tank once it's set up!
edit: Never Mind didn't realize this was only .5g, back to my original plan of my 2.5g.

MABJ 06-12-2012 05:47 AM

Thanks guys! Appreciate the early responses.

I planned a moss ground.. Anubias is a good idea, yet so normal!

I'm looking for something a little out there. Maybe bamboo in the middle. Something just a little different.

@PB, I love that little tank! And I like what they did with the azoo palm filter.

I know I'm going to have to cut the back of the top, but I was planning on doing it for a light, not an HOB Filter.

Any other filter suggestions? I'd build one of some sort, but I just don't have the motor knowledge to do it. And sponge filters get too big, too fast.

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