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Francis Xavier 06-07-2012 11:19 PM

NEW! Products Availability
Hey guys,

With the new container we've gotten a few new product offerings available for the first time.

For today's announcement, we've got a few things for you:


The Beautiful Kei Stone:


Kei stone has a warm color, a mixture of ocher and red, and its natural texture that evokes a cliff at a mountain stream. Various sizes from S-L (approx. 4-30cm) are available, and you can make a natural-looking iwagumi layout by combining few of Kei stones depending on the tank size. You can attach ferns and Anubias to S size stones or use them with driftwood.
Images and ordering available here:


One of the Three Legendary Stones of Japan, Sado-Akadama:


Akadama stone from the island of Sado in Japan has been known as one of Japan's three famous stones - one of the other fabled types is known as the famous "bug-eaten rock" or Hakkai Stone.

Sado-Akadama stone comes from a special part of Sado island, where Mr. Takashi Amano composed a book about the island, labeling it "Japan's last wilderness." With special permission from the Japanese government, a limited quantity of this stone has been made available for the Nature Aquarium - and once supply in Japan runs out, it will never be harvested again.
Images and ordering available here:


The Classic Manten Stone - available in bulk for the first time!


One of the three legendary stone types from Japan - Manten Stone is the premier iwagumi stone type.

One of the characteristics of Manten stone, the premier standard stone for iwagumi layout, is their angulated forms as they are mountain stones. Many of them have warm colors, but each one has slightly different color. A point of choosing a good Manten stone for your layout is to choose by their rugged texture of the surface and color.
Images and ordering available here:

Manten is the same type of stone used in our 60-P How-To video, as well as in my Mini M, found in a journal in the Nano Journal section.

All New Glass Covers available!

Glass Covers for the 60-P, Mini M, Mini S and 30-C are now available for the first time in the US marketplace. These Covers fit cleanly with each model aquarium, leaving space for filtration and co2.

The ADA Glass Cover does a lot to help prevent troublesome jumpers, such as Celestial Pearl Danios, from escaping from the aquarium (or, conversely to keep curious cats out of the aquarium!).

Available here:

tank0211 06-08-2012 12:02 AM

Any idea when Forest Sand XINGU will be available again Frank :icon_ques

Also, could you give me an idea of how many pounds of rock & what size of driftwood I would need for a 60-F :icon_ques I plan to build one side w/ rock, driftwood & plants & then transition into forest sand xingu, a smaller rock island & open space on the other. I'm wanting the driftwood to be a size that will have it stick above the water. I guess I need an idea of what size bag of sand & soil I need as well :icon_ques I'll likely not be using too much soil & may even put it in a small container within the layout somehow.

triscene 07-06-2012 04:21 PM

i bought some Sado Akadama Stones where LFS told to have no effect on ph and gh, was he correct? Also seen on youtube comparison against seyriu.

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