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lorax 06-27-2003 01:03 PM

I never gave much thought to Palaudriums but now Im thinking it sounds neat, or maybe a terrarium with a small water area. This raises questions though:

What kind of lighting do they need?

Are there any other requirements (like a tank has Co2 and trace elements etc)?

GDominy 06-27-2003 07:40 PM

Well its actually pretty simple to setup a reasonably involved terrarium. the plants you will be using are not really that demanding, these are tropical rainforest plants that are used to being shielded from most sunlight by the canopy above them.

I will be posting my Terrarium setup guide within the next week or two (after some personal issues are settled)

geekgirl 06-27-2003 08:42 PM

Can't wait :D !! I love terrariums, and had several at a time while I was growing up. We can't have houseplants because of the stupid, munching cats. I'd love to set up a paladarium or terrarium though. Look forward to good instructions.


lorax 07-02-2003 05:27 PM

Well Im going out on a limb :lol: And starting a very simple terrarium. It's just a ten gallon two ferns, 3 tropicals, dirt, and wood. It seems to be the opposite of a planted tank-not much care involved at all. I imagine that the hardest part will be leaving it alone!

lorax 07-02-2003 05:51 PM

Oh, BTW, what do I need to do to get some of my baby crypts to go terrestrial? Will the shock kill them if I just take them out of the aquariun and put them in the terrarium? what do they need for substrate? Potting Soil OK?

Slaigar 07-02-2003 07:30 PM

Some crypts may react differently. But what I did to my crypt to make go terrestial was to give it lots of moisture/humidity on the land. It does quite fine in just regular potting soil.

If your tank is not set yet and you want to get your crypt going for land already, just place it in a pot and put the pot in a zip lock bag. Spray it with water and close it. Check the next day to see if it adapted well. Only a few leaves died when I tried it.

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