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sarah1234 04-25-2012 02:30 AM

Sarah's cube mountain scape (big pic warning)
Finally was able to start setting up my scape. As seen in prior threads I have been planning this setup for over a year! Today was the day I was finally able to set it up (wasn't able to previously due to space constraints).

Tank is an 18inch cube, rimless/braceless/supportless.

Tank in place, layer of styrofoam added for tank safety

Raw, unwashed propagating sand

Blood and Bone + Dolomite powders

Layer of pure iron stone
Capped with thin layer of dirt

Dirt.. so beautiful :3

Built set of tiers out of eggcrate (ty rayray for eggcrate)
Sand on sides for aesthetics

The work area (made such a mess)

Adding dirt to tiers

Used all my MTS substrate.. Was SO worth the effort. Added water to the dry soil to get it to paste consistency
Add rocks and adjusted to match predetermined composition

Who would know all those drilling life drawing classes would help me copy the scape exactly :D
Cap with damp washed propagating sand

Happy with the slope

Added skewers to help hold it together till the immersed growth fills in

So essentially now all I have to do is hang the light above the tank, which I couldn't do yesterday or today as we didn't have the right things to screw into the roof.

I have several large takeaway containers full of HC growing outside (love propagating the stuff), so one container will be added at a time. I plan to chop the HC with a knife (into many small pieces), place it in the foreground and let it take root itself, I really couldn't be bothered planting each piece individually, and it has always worked for me outside. Growth will be immersed till I am pleased the HC has carpeted thoroughly and I order the other plants.

Thanks for checking out the progress

Lapja 06-30-2012 09:25 PM

Hi, terrific idea! Can we have an update? I 'd like to see how the slope is holding after a couple of months.


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