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pisces70 04-04-2012 08:02 PM

Fayetteville, AR ~ New here!
Hello everyone!

I'm brand new to this site and forum.
I recently started up a 40B planted community tank and I don't have very many plants to speak of yet. There aren't any good LFS in my area so I'm taking my chances with plants from the chain pet stores until I'm able to buy some plants online. So far everything is still alive, so I may be doing something right after all. This is my first planted tank so I'm still learning.

I've been fishkeeping since 1994 or so and I've had many different freshwater communities, saltwater f/o, fowlr, and a full blown 125g coral reef tank in the past.

This 40B tank is still in the cycling process but it's beginning to clear. I may start a tank thread in a few days with photos.


im2smart4u 04-06-2012 07:26 PM

I have bought plants from Petco and Worlds Under Water. I haven't had problems with either. I don't buy from Petsmart anymore, since all they have now are the ones in the little plastic containers. I have also ordered from and from the swap and shop on here., or other large online retailers, will have the best selection. You can get pretty much everything you want at once. The swap and shop here will usually have much better prices, and some of the rarer plants, but you will probably have to get your plants from several different people. Some of the power sellers do have a decent selection and good prices, so be sure to check out their special sales section.

Post pics of your tank when you get it going. I would post pics of mine, but they look awful. :P

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