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Max Kenji 03-23-2012 01:59 AM

Benibachi Water Conditioner
Benibachi Shrimp Emergency
-- $22.99/ea

Benibachi Shrimp Emergency 100ml
helps to improve the immune system of shrimp and fights against virus and bacterial infections. Shrimp Emergency is made of natural products containing high levels of nutrients and beta glucan, which has been proven to increase the immune system of shrimp. We strongly recommend using Shrimp Emergency with Benibachi Active Water and BeeMax to acheive high levels of good bacteria and a strong immune system for shrimp.
Benibachi Shrimp Emergency should be considered essential when shipping shrimp and adding new shrimp to existing colonies.

For a standard 20G tank, please use 5 pumps every other 3 days.

Benibachi Nitrous Acid & Ammonia Zero 100ml -- $ 21.99/ea

Decompose nitrous acid and ammonia and make ideal water quality.
Use 10ml for every 15G of water every week.

Double dose during tank setup. Benibachi Nitrous Acid & Ammonia Zero is safe for shrimps and plants.
Since filtration bacteria are the main ingredients so it is safe even when overdose.

Benibachi Growth Enzyme -- $21.99/ea

Benibachi Growth Enzyme
100ml promotes substantial growth of shrimps, the faster they grow, the faster they breed. The growth enzyme also aids plant growth.

Use 20ml / 40L water during weekly water change.

Benibachi Black Control -- $18.99/ea

Benibachi Black Control 100ml
contains natural minerals rich in humic acid, natural vitamins and tanning substances that are all found in the shrimps natural habitat. The humic and tanning substances strengthen the mucous membrane reducing the risk of skin diseases and stress. It creates an PH environment of 6-6.5, suitable for shrimp keeping. When applied, water may appear slightly brown and gradually clears up depending on filtration. Benibachi Black Control should be considered essential when starting a new shrimp aquarium.

Use 2ml for every 2.5G of water during initial set up and after weekly water changes.

Benibachi Active Water -- $18.99/ea
Benibachi Shrimp Active Water 100ml activates the bacterium and improves the water quality. It promotes high survival rate of juvenile shrimps, digestion, breeding, growth and easy molting. It also help to prevent algae growth and stench in water. 100ml bottle.

Apply once per week after water change.
30ml for a 20G tank.

Benibachi Nitrate Remover -- $19.99/ea

Benibachi Nitrate Remover
100ml maintains good water quality by removing nitrate quickly and safely for shrimps.

Use 2.5ml of Benibachi for every 10L of water during weekly water change. Shake well before use.

BENIBACHI Golden Amino 100ml promotes growth and coloration in juvenile golden eye shrimps.
Use 10ml of BENIBACHI Golden Amino for every 13G of water weekly.
100ml bottle.

For more information please contact:

Max Kenji

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