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waya81 03-22-2012 05:13 PM

Plants and fish for sale, Winnemucca-Reno
After the addition of CO2, my 55g tank has turned into a jungle and is in serious need of trimming and thinning. With how crazy our weather has been though I dont really want to chance shipping. I've been so busy with kids activites and school and military, that I have no idea what current prices are for them, I will have to get back on that.

I have several Vals that have migrated to spots I dont want them, and are from 4" to 3'.

Crypt Moehlmannii, I have at least 4 that I can pull out.

1 large red tiger lotus, and maybe a smaller one if I can disentangle it.

Crypt Wendtii (?) that I got from

I might even be able to part with some petite nana anubias.

I might be interested in trades for flame moss, as all of mine has been taken over by hair algae or something, and wood. My manzanita is going very soft and has long brown algae that the fish wont touch. Parts of it fall off every time I try to clean it

I have 9 tanks going right now, 5 of them are killifish tanks that I got to try and get my husband into the hobby. It didnt work, and I'm overwhelmed with them now.

I have 1 male and 2 female Aphyosemion Australe Orange, 2 pairs, 1 male and 1 unsexed baby Aphyosemion gardneri. I would like to keep the tanks they are in for a future shrimp rack, but I can be talked into selling them for 1$/g and 5$ for the sponge filter, and maybe the air pump, but they are duals and running 2 tanks each.

I also have several sets of tiger endlers, and many babies. I also have 10-15 peacock(?) males that show up occasionally and I put them into a separate tank.

Lastly I have 4 rosy glass barbs, thats what they were called when I bought them for my kids preschool. The preschool decided not to use them anymore. They are at least 2 years old, 2 yellow and 2 orange. Very beautiful long finned fish, but not good for a community tank. They are free.

I live in Winnemucca, but go to Reno quite often, so delivery is possible.

I will post some pictures next, they are going to be bad though, I dont have the best camera, lol.

waya81 03-22-2012 05:46 PM

Overgrown tank

Aphyosemion Australe Orange male, nicely displayed

Aphyosemion gardneri

Peacock (?) endlers

Rosy glass barbs

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