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jonbar1 03-05-2012 08:22 AM

29g Scape: Crypts & Fp. sjoestedti
I thought I made a thread for this tank a couple years back when I did a couple of the others but I guess not. So I guess I'll just start from the beginning...

At first I just wanted a tank under my 55g Electric Blue Jack Dempsey tank and thought a couple Rainbowfish and some Java Fern covered rocks and a couple Anubias hastifolia would be a nice addition

I used limestone rock from a nearby creek and an old dual 65w PC light. Needless to say the tank looked good for about a month. I battled every kind of algae plague you can imagine from cyano covering everything in a bluish-green sheet to hair and beard algae that grew back quicker than I could pluck.

It was around last May I finally had enough and ripped everything out but the rock, began CO2 and EI dosing and got some 5000k 55w bulbs. I figured a couple high light plants in the back like Ceratopteris and closer attention to dosing and CO2 would be the quick fix.

Wrong again...but I grew incredible hair algae! You've never seen lusher hair algae LOL. It was also about that time I got back into Fundulopanchax killifish and this tank became the Fp. sjoestedti tank. Needless to say they liked the hair algae more than I, and no breeding mop was necessary in this tank.

Finally I decided the limestone was the bane of my tank and removed it despite the fishes pleas to keep their egg laying site. In it's place went a piece of driftwood with some moss and a couple Crypt runners from another tank

I now only run one of the 55w PC bulbs and am more diligent with dosing and water changes and replanted the whole tank with more Crypt divisions. Maybe in two more years this tank will be closer to where I want it...

Proud papa with his upside down smile, Fundulopanchax sjoestedti

I also just updated the two tanks in my signature after two years of hiatus if you want to see the other two species of Fundulopanchax I breed.

jonbar1 04-19-2012 08:04 PM

I've decided this tank is getting an LED upgrade and plan to go with 10-12 Cree XP-Gs ran off a 35-700 driver. Hopefully this keeps the lighting in the medium range. Stay tuned...

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