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Wicket_lfe 02-13-2012 12:00 AM

38 gallon column tank
Trying to bring my tank back to its former glory.

updated pic 4/10.

Please forgive the specimen container and the random floaters, still waiting to get time to plant those.

ArchimedesTheDog 04-10-2012 04:44 PM

I love the composition! How is it doing now?

Wicket_lfe 04-10-2012 04:46 PM

Thanks. It's overgrown, lol.

I will update pics when I get a chance.

vincenz 04-10-2012 06:44 PM

At least my rasboras will finally have a school! :thumbsup:

Wicket_lfe 04-11-2012 12:06 AM

updated pics, hoping to get the random stuff planted soon.

scottwww 04-17-2012 04:18 AM

I like this picture

It will be good to see once you have the floaters planted and the specimen container off the tank.

In another thread you mentioned your LED lights. What are they? Looks like you are getting plants to grow from them. And what what plants do you have? Do any of them generally need high light levels? I suppose the CO2 helps a lot as well. With how tall this tank is and how thin, maybe it's more of a challenge to put together the gear that will grow plants (compared to a long and low tank).

Wicket_lfe 04-17-2012 03:27 PM

It's the Current USA Powerbrite LEDs. Theyre good enough to get light to my foreground plants. nothing fancy, just moss, Marsilea Minuta, and Dwarf Sag.

Yeah ive been pressed for time to get the stuff planted. I need to move the plants on the right farther back. the lilies are taking over.

newbieplanter 02-03-2013 06:51 PM

That's just sand as the substrate? Do u run a co2 system in there?

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