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RXTrev 06-05-2003 09:30 PM

My fiance took a trip with me to get some fish for her tank...a 29G "some of everything :roll: " tank...Well while we were looking at the saltwater fish, she saw a cowfish :shock: ...and wanted to buy it on the spot lol. I told her it would eat my amenones and inverts and that it wouldnt fit in. Well she told me I could get another tank so she could have one. So it looks like another saltwater tank!!! Gonna go big this time, has to go in the basement though. I don't trust our 100 yr old floors lol (why I went with 55g's for the upstairs) :hehe: .

BTW does anyone else have saltwater?

Pooks73 06-05-2003 10:13 PM

i don't have marine, but i'm in the process of planning a 30 gallon seahorse tank. i've wanted to keep those for so long, i'm deternined to finally get my tank.

that's great that you get a new fish. i did that with discus and got a new 90 gallon! fish are addictive, even for those that don't keep them!

digger 06-06-2003 04:32 PM

I'd trust the 100 year old floors over more modern floors. They tended to build things sturdy back in the day. Of course they probably didn't have maximum span limits in the building codes.

RXTrev 06-06-2003 04:48 PM

I agree with ya on that one...old homes to me seem more sturdy, but I don't want to chance a 100+ gallon tank falling through the floor...yikes I'd never be able to have a fish tank in the house again. :shock: :lol:

RXTrev 06-06-2003 08:36 PM

Damn....women are smart. She had a "real" reason for telling me it was ok to get another tank....she just got a cat!!!!

digger 06-06-2003 09:06 PM


GDominy 06-06-2003 09:49 PM


Well, if she just got a cat, you should get to choose the new fish/corals/whatever!

Buck 06-07-2003 04:41 AM


She had a "real" reason for telling me it was ok to get another tank
You sound surprised.... :lol:

RXTrev 06-09-2003 01:25 AM

Ya I must forgot my brain that day. :lol: I should've seen it coming, but the kitten isnt that long as it stays out of my tanks!!!!

aquaverde 06-09-2003 02:27 AM

Oh, I don't know...How deep are your tanks?

RXTrev 06-09-2003 02:55 PM

haha they are deep enough... :lol: Yuck though,I didn't mind the kitten it looks ok, but then I saw what the thing will look like as a cat. It's a cream point siamese....UGLY!!!! :drool: :aah:

aquaverde 06-09-2003 06:33 PM

Siamese are OK if you get one with a good disposition, which is rare in my experience. As long as they use the litter box I can tolerate them.


RXTrev 06-10-2003 04:30 PM

Planted Member

Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2003 10:13 pm Post subject:


i don't have marine, but i'm in the process of planning a 30 gallon seahorse tank ...

Seahorses are hard to take care of since they don't really have a stomach. They do eat brine shrimp, but that's not a healthy meal to survive on. you'll most likely have to culture your own food. Just make sure you get tank-raised ones and they should do fine on zooplankton and mysis shrimp.(frozen or cultured).

TekMate 06-13-2003 06:23 PM

What I did in an old house that the supports were 24" apart instead of 16" I took a 3/4" piece of plywood ran 2 by 4s in both directions on it for support. I then put a 1/2" industrial rubber mat on top and used 4 floor jacks one on each corner I then cranked that bad boy up until it was snug with the floor and never had a problem. The mat is for any inconsistancies in the floor joists. This will pretty much support any tank.

carpediem360 06-22-2003 09:15 PM

You know my house is pretty old too. I don't think it 100 yrs yet. I put my 125 upstairs. One thing I did was put some adjustable support beams downstairs and it works great! I mean I don't have a big hole in my floor yet!!! I think the beams cost me $20 a pop! Not to bad. The hard part was getting the girlfriend to let my get something that big.

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