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TheGiantDwarfShrimp 02-04-2012 06:35 PM

Quiet air pump?
I have a small 2.5 gallon tank set up next to my bed and plan on using it as a breeding tank for shrimp. I want to split the air between a sponge filter in that tank and an air stone in my 10 gallon. Later I want to use the pump for a larger 10-20 gallon shrimp breeding bucket during the summer so I would like it to be powerful enough to run a few sponge filters.

Would a tetra whisper be quiet enough to use in my room? I would like it to be quieter than my top fin 30 power filter. I found a tetra whisper 40 and 20 for the same price but need to know if the 40 or even the 20 would be louder than my power filter.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Tenor1 02-04-2012 06:40 PM

I posted a similar thread just last week. It seems the Whisper and Hagen are the most popular. Both are pretty inexpensive and you could A/B them at your LFS and just buy it from them. Seems like they are both under $10.00.

EnigmaticGuppy92 02-04-2012 06:42 PM

stay away from superfish ones there incecesent din will make u mentally ill so annoying

HD Blazingwolf 02-04-2012 06:42 PM

they are decently quite. the less u reduce the flow over distance, depth and through valves, the quieter they are

EnigmaticGuppy92 02-04-2012 06:46 PM

i got a two outlet one and its really load might change the diaphragm actually i may do that tomorrow ee if it makes a different

diwu13 02-04-2012 06:57 PM

The whisper air pumps are very silent. I own a 10g rated one and a dual port 60g rated one. The only time you'll hear rattling is if you have another wire or object touching the actual filter. Then there will be a vibrating noise. Other besides that they are perfectly silent, you'll only be able to hear the bubbles in your tank.

TheGiantDwarfShrimp 02-04-2012 07:15 PM

Ok I will go with the tetra whisper 40 gallon then. Thanks for the quick responses!

jccaclimber 02-04-2012 07:55 PM

I've only seen one whisper pump in use in person. It was nearly silent, but also didn't move much air. I would oversize one of those if you wanted to run something like a filter with it. Remember that no matter how quite the air pump, you're still going to hear the bubbles popping.

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