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sublimescorpio 01-03-2012 09:25 PM

75gal Jungle and the spill overs (featuring kuhlis, pygmy cories and inverts oh my)
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...I realized I am quickly forgetting what plants are in what tanks and I am sick stuck in bed so here we go...

First special thanks to those I have gotten plants or inverts from- Chikorita, plantbrain, n00dl3, Kannachan13, gordonrichards, johnny313, Kathyy, chad320, somewhatshocked, frrok, DaPlantMan, raven_wilde, mgamer20o0, LilGreenPuffer, 150EH, mordalphus, cruzersoul, StrungOut, QShirmp...

All tanks are low light and the 75gal is getting root tabs...they are my first planted tanks..Pretty much all the plants/wood (the kuhli and pygmy too) in the small tanks are ones that spilled over from the 75gal...the camera phone pictures are not great so I'll work on that.

75 gal:
Black diamond, 4 marineland bio wheel filters in hood, manzy wood

1 boseman rainbow
2 australian rainbows
3 black shirt tertas
1 (lol thought I was going to say 4 huh..) albino cory
1 emerald cory
7 spotted corys
6 diamond tertas
2 dwarf goramis
1 honey goramis
6 congo tertas

lace java
needle java
java fern
red wendtii
crypt petchii
bronze wendtii
crypt wendtii gecko green
Anubias Afzellii
(?) Anubias Nana (?)
Tiger Lotus Green
tiger lotus red
dwarf Lotus Nymphaea pubescens
amazon sword
taiwan and peacock moss wall (not mixed peacock in three middle panels and taiwan on edges)
??several un'ided crypt

aquaclear 50 gal, mix of eco-complete, black diamond, and pebbles

?10 pygmy corys
6-7? kuhli loachs (they swim around alot w/o predators, very fun to watch)
3 neon tertas
4 cardinal tertas

dwarf HG
Blyxa Japonica
banana plant
Bacopa salzmannii
Rotala Indica
baby mixed ferns
lol stems ???

fluval, 10 gal whisper filter, manzy wood

soon to be 12 blue rili

C. Cordata 'Thailand' (that I am killing somehow ;( )
Swords Echinodorus ozealot

fluval, 20gal whisper filter, ial, crystals and cholla wood

13 pumpkin shrimp (+2 more yellowish ones in bowl, waiting to see adult color)
3 poso orange rabbit snails
30 CRS/CBS...soon to be

mini moss balls
Anubias Nana (? or petite)
willow moss
sting moss
peacock moss
H. sibthorpioides

Black diamond, pebbles, ial

2 yellow/orange shrimp

dwarf HG
peacock/taiwan moss scrapes

Wowy thats alots stuff..
+2 other unplanted bowls with ram snail (spotted shell and the side shell ones) and mts... the other bowl with assassin snails...cannot decide where they should go....

If anyone wants to help id I can add more pictures ;) and of course suggestions welcomed..

matty26 01-03-2012 10:00 PM

i love your 75 gal scape, really cool. It will look awesome when it fills out more too!

sublimescorpio 01-03-2012 10:53 PM

Thanks matty! The 75gal has been my main focus. All of the other tanks have plants/wood that were not working in the 75gal, so they were not planned at all...except for the 10gal which was planned for the poso snails (who eat most plants)...

frrok 01-03-2012 11:10 PM

Nice work!

sublimescorpio 01-04-2012 01:35 AM

Thanks! The Rotala Indica is doing great :)

raven_wilde 01-04-2012 02:06 AM

Lookin' good! I'm glad to see that my RAOK went to a good home :D

frrok 01-04-2012 02:15 AM


Originally Posted by sublimescorpio (Post 1659888)
Thanks! The Rotala Indica is doing great :)

Good. I'm glad! Such a great plant. Once it settles it really takes off. Your going to love it.

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