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dancbw 12-13-2011 12:59 AM

Current Assorted Blackworm Specials
Assorted Specials for Aquarium Club and Forum Members.
If your a Member of any of the below Aquarium Societies these
California Blackworm Specials apply to you.
Feel free to re post this on your Clubs Forum.

Potomac Valley Aquarium Society, Capital Cichlid Association
East Coast Cichlids, Greater Hartford Aquarium Society
Norwalk Aquarium Society, North Jersey Aquarium Society
Delaware Valley Aquatic Gardeners Association,
Pioneer Valley Aquarium Society
Worcester Aquarium Society, Boston Aquarium Society
Jersey Shore Aquarium Society, Brooklyn Aquarium Society
Long Island Aquarium Society, Tropical Fish Club of Erie County
Nassau County Aquarium Society Forum,
Aquarium Club of Lancaster County
Bucks County Aquarium Society, Greater Pittsburgh Aquarium Society

Live California Blackworms:
1 & 1/4-LB @ 37.95
1 & 1/2-LB @ 44.95
2-lbs @ 49.95
3-lbs @ 59.95
5-lbs @ 79.95
10-lbs @ 129.95

Frozen California Blackworms:
9 pack ( 27 x 6 + oz trays of Blackworms) $ 119.99
12 pack ( 36 x 6 +oz trays of Blackworms) $ 139.99
20 pack ( 60 x 6 + oz trays of Blackworms) $ 179.99
50 pack ( 150 x 6 + oz trays of Blackworms) $ 399.99
10 1-lb Flat Packs $119.99
25 1-lb Flat Packs $199.99
50 1-lb Flat Packs $379.99

Freeze Dried California Blackworms:
100 gram Freeze Dried California Blackworm Cubes @ $ 39.99
200 gram Freeze Dried California Blackworm Flats @ $ 69.99
500 gram Freeze Dried California Blackworm Flats @ $ 139.99

This is a great opportunity for Members who want to share orders and Club Group Buys. Spread the word, split or share orders to save $$$
Email orders and any questions to us direct to

Most important, when ordering please ID which Club your a Member of also copy and paste this posting.
Otherwise our normal prices will default in while invoicing.

Payments can be made by PayPal to out ID of
or by credit card at

Remember ALL Live Blackworms are Farmed by Aquatic Foods or JF Ent. Both of us here in California.
No East Coast Culturing growers exist.

California Blackworm Co.
Specials expire 01/31/12

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