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Adam_T 12-09-2011 12:35 AM

Elos Mini Setup FS: $300!!
QUICK NOTE: I have 10 Dwarf Sagitarrias, 1 Amazon Sword, 2 Blyxia, 3 Agazzis Cory, 7 Harlequin fish...all need a good home. FREE if you pick them up. (Also comes with 2 Medium sized pieces of mounted drift wood)

Elos Mini Setup: $300!!!!!!@$)!*@$)! (Includes tank, stand, sump, return pump)
Aqua Illumination Nano w/ Controller: SOLDSOLDSOLD
Coralife Dual Digital Timer: SOLD
Avast Marine ATO Controller: SOLD
Avast Marine M5 Media Reactor: SOLD
1 MJ900 Return Pump: $10
1 MJ400 Return Pump: $10
Azoo 100w Titanium Heater: $20
Hannah Checker Phosphate: $15
Hannah Checker Alkalinity: $15
Elos Calcium: $10

If you need more details, just ask. I am located in South Charlotte.

Adam_T 12-11-2011 07:06 PM

All sold.

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