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C Campbell 12-07-2011 03:20 AM

C.A.F.E. Holiday Dinner (Columbus, Oh) Dec 9th..

Our local club is having it's annual Holiday Party Dec 9th at 7pm and has opened up the invitation to non-club individuals. We are looking to fill in the remaining 8-15 seats. Non-member price is $15 and includes a full buffet at the Der Dutchman restraunt in Plain City, Ohio. We are hosting speaker Michi Tobler and his bio is attached below. We need payments made by midnight tomorrow for reservations. Sorry for the late notice, but we thought that more members were going to be able to attend the diiner. Our club website is:


Michi Tobler, PhD, born in Switzerland, currently works at Oklahoma State University. He is interested in all things aquatic. His passion for fish started in high school, when he mainly kept cichlids from the African Rift Valley. During college, two trips to Costa Rica sparked his interest in the Central American fauna, and since then he has mainly kept cichlids, poeciliids, and crustaceans from this geographical area. Over the past ten years, Michi became familiar with the natural life and habitats of Central American fish on more than twenty field trips to Mexico, Honduras, and Costa Rica. Not only is he an avid fish hobbyist, but he also works with cichlids and poeciliids scientifically. His main research interests are concerned with the ecology and evolution of livebearing fishes, particularly the question of how new species arise.

For more information, please visit:

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