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london knees 11-01-2011 07:28 PM

Which plants?
Hello everyone,
I've decided plastic plants just don't do it for me and would like to convert my aquarium to a planted one.
I have set out a plan, priced everything I need, I'm now at the point of deciding which species of plant to go for.
I'm most likely having a piece of wood as the centre piece, upping my light so I'll have 2-2.5 watts per gal, and looking into co2 injection.
Substrate poss Eco complete or flourite.
My tank size: 60cm by 30cm by 30cm
What I'm interested in would be:
1. Nice carpet foreground plant to act like grass
2. A type of moss for the drift wood
3. Medium (middle ground) plant
4. A background plant
I need them to be beginner friendly as I'm new to this, also to be low light species.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated and well received
Thanks for reading

Soundwav2010 11-01-2011 08:21 PM

1. For grass like appearance, Dwarf hairgrass; Elocharis acicularis or Brazilian Micro Sword; Lilaeopsis brasiliensis would be good choices to use
2. Java moss, Christmas moss, Flame moss, Mini Pellia, Fissidens fontanus, or any other mosses can be used with drift wood, just be aware that some mosses will grow quite large and bushy
3. Anubias Barteri Nana and Nana petite makes great middle ground plant, I also like to use Green Cryptocoryne; Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Green'
4. I'm currently growing Moneywort; Bacopa Monnieri however it's a slow grower. There's a wide variety that I'm not too familiar with, nor do I have access to so I can't really help out here

london knees 11-02-2011 11:21 PM

Thank you Soundwav2010 your info is really helpful, i'll look into those species. Any special requirements for any of them? Not too fussed if they're slow growers, really looking forward to watching it change. I read an article somewhere about putting plastic dividers in the substrate to stop any unwanted sprouts coming up on the grass carpet. Do you have any cheeky tips to aid my adventure?
Thanks again for taking the time

EnigmaticGuppy92 01-31-2012 02:39 PM

i agre with the dwawf hairgrass it makes a nice addition to the foreground why not try some tall hairgrass or vallisnera in the background

Sk3lly 06-22-2014 05:21 PM

I have a thick DHG carpet and hate it. Remember in the right conditions it is incredibly invasive. In my opinion high light, pressurised co2 and dry ferts produce the best results

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