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dancbw 10-28-2011 03:30 AM

Frozen California Blackworm prices for Canadian Members
Frozen California Blackworm pricing with shipping included to most areas of Canada.
I am having these Flash Frozen at a Fresh and Frozen Fruit packing Facility. They are placed in a 6 oz 35 count flat/cube tray. The Blackworms are then run through a conveyer Flash Freezer after being run through a dose of irradiation, the same they use for their product. They are Flash Frozen in less then 10 minutes. Then three of the 6 oz 35 count flat/cube trays are placed in a zip lock poly bag. Easy to remove from and return to the bag.

NOTE: The minimum amount of Frozen Blackworms we ship is the 9 pack / 27 Tray offer. This is to keep the frozen integrity during shipping. Please always email direct to

9 pack ( 27 x 6 + oz trays. 10+ lbs of Blackworms) $ 139.99 Delivery included

15 pack ( 45 x 6 +oz trays, 17+ lbs of Blackworms) $ 186.99 Delivery included

20 pack ( 60 x 6 + oz trays, 22+ lbs of Blackworms) $ 239.99 Delivery included

50 pack ( 150 x 6 + oz trays, 58+ lbs of Blackworms) $ 499.99 Delivery included

15 1-lb Flat Packs $159.99 Delivery included

25 1-lb Flat Packs $239.99 Delivery included

50 1-lb Flat Packs $479.99 Delivery included

Remember ALL Live Blackworms are Farmed by Aquatic Foods or JF Ent. Both of us here in California.
No East Coast Culturing growers exist.

Larger amounts can be quoted, email orders to Jennifer or myself direct to
These prices INCLUDE FedEx delivery to your door.
We ship via Fed Ex Monday through Thursday for next day delivery.
Spread the word, split or share orders to save $$$
Feel free to post.
Send a PM
Office phone 559-291-0623

California Blackworm Co.

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