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kychris 09-27-2011 01:35 PM

For Trade, Sale, or RAOK List
I thought I would start a list of things that each person may have to trade, sell, or give away in Kentucky.

Please keep this list clean of posts other than items by directly PMing the person that you are interested in contacting.

Also, please list your area in your post.

kychris 09-27-2011 01:43 PM

Will trade some Trident Java Fern.

Will have Christmas moss, Phoenix Moss (Fissidens), and Asian Grass eventually.

Looking for Mosses I don't have, Ludwidgia, Crypts, Red Root Floater, and Shrimp.

I live in Richmond, work in Lexington.

keithy 09-29-2011 09:12 PM

great idea and initiative. I will participate when I have extra trimmings.

cmabrey75 09-30-2011 12:21 AM

Ill should have some fire red cherries ready for trade or sale in the owensboro area in about month or so.

Orion 10-01-2011 11:14 PM

I've got some 10 gallon standard tanks and a double stand for 2 10 gallons. If someone is interested we can work out a very reasonable price or trade. A old 40b in rough shape looks wise but still hold water and the stand needs work. Some small to large hob filters, heaters that may or may not work. I've got a fluvial 404 I might part with. I also have a Ph controller that I got a few years back that I have no interest in using.

I'm just getting back into the hobby, so not a lot of plants yet to get rid of. Might have some Wisteria and Hygro sunset, small portions of Java and Christmas moss.

This is a good idea! I'm in London, work all over central and eastern parts.

keithy 10-04-2011 06:23 PM

blyxa japonica for trade.
let me know what you have for trade.....

GONE for now........

Orion 10-08-2011 06:03 PM

ROAK: 4 Dario dario (aka scarlet badis) Great for small tanks, not real great with dwarf shrimp :)

These never really bothered the adults that I saw, but the adults didn't come out much with them in the tank either. Will not get many if any shrimpletts with these guys hanging around. 1 dario is huge compared to the rest, around 1.5-1.75 inches. Other three around an inch. One little fella apparently isn't part of the 'cool' crowd and gets picked on a lot and is a bit beat up, so if you don't want that one, I will hang on to him/her.

I have no clue on the sex of the three smaller ones, as I have heard people saying that now even the females are showing up with a bit of color. The large one is a male due to size.

Not wanting to ship these, so if your going to be in the area let me know!

keithy 10-29-2011 02:57 AM

FT: let me know what you have
5 stems of Blyxa
30-40 nodes of Marsilea Crenata
1 stem Green Cabomba
2 plantlet of crypt lutea

let me know what you have.

Mannie Bothans 11-03-2011 07:28 PM

I am looking for local marsilea, local sunset hygro, local Limnophila aquaticum Ambulia (or Limnophila sessiliflora) , Najas roraima (or perhaps Heteranthera zosterifolia), and Bacopa caroliniana.

Unfortunately I am just starting out and all I have right now is some hortwort, anubuas nana, and maybe a small rhyzome of crypt nurii to offer.

cmabrey75 12-01-2011 06:07 PM

I have some really big amazon sword plants up for a ROAK. Most are over 18" tall with 15 to 20 leaves. I have three or four to get rid of, if anyone is interested in the Owensboro area PM and let me know. I will not ship because I havent shipped anything before, I can meet someone if it is a short distance. These are free.

somewhatshocked 12-01-2011 06:41 PM

Shipping is simple and you can do it without ever leaving home (for future reference).

You can order Priority/Flat Rate boxes from for free and printing shipping labels directly via Paypal. Can wrap plants in a wet paper towel or newspaper, stick them in a zip top bag and send them on their way. When it's super-cold out, you can use a heat pack.

cmabrey75 12-01-2011 06:43 PM

Thanks for the info!!

somewhatshocked 12-01-2011 08:07 PM

Hope I didn't come across as flippant - so my apologies if I did.

I was nervous about shipping plants the first time I had to. Actually ended up getting a fellow forum member to accept a shipment from me (for free) just so I could test it out.

Now I feel out of place when physically going to a post office because I do everything online.

cmabrey75 12-01-2011 08:25 PM

You didn't, I might try that at some point just to see how it goes. It seems around this time of year I always have extra plants or fish to find a home for and shipping them to someone else as a roak would be better than giving them to the local LFS that will just kill them.

46740 12-12-2011 03:45 AM

I have some power filters, paintball co2 canisters, fish and other supplies for sale or trade.

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