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Greasy 09-01-2011 02:28 AM

Goldfish Street (金魚街), Hong Kong (lots of pics)
Last fall I attended the Chinese University of Hong Kong for as an exchange student. One of my HK friend recommended me to go visit a section of Tung Choi street, also known to the locals as "Goldfish Street" in the Mong Kok area of Kowloon. And holy crap I was not disappointed. The section was about 2 or 3 blocks of fish store or pet store one after another and stacked on top of each other. Not only were there so many, the quality in most of them were quite good, like you peps in SF who think Aqua Forest is legit stuff, some of the nicer stores here completely blows it out of the water in my opinion, both in displays/sale tanks and price... Fissidens geppii cost about 20HKD (1USD = 7.8HKD) and the shrimps were pretty cheap as well.

Anyway for those thinking of visiting HK for awesome food and a nightlife that ends at sunrise. To get to Goldfish Street you get off at the Mong Kok East MTR station and walk west on the cat walk, there are signs guiding you to Tung Choi. Around the area is also the "Flower Market" which sells exotic house plants and a Bird street.

Here are some pics from my trip, I wish I took more.... the stores were generally super narrow, crowded, and some won't let you take pics.

Enjoy =)

(some of the vertical pics seems a bit smooshed, click them to view them)
The start of the street....
A sign for a beetle shop
Bag o shrimps

Thanks for looking.

Sharkfood 09-01-2011 02:41 AM

I demand to have a Goldfish Street in Pittsburgh!

jreich 09-01-2011 02:46 AM

that place is amazing!

DogFish 09-01-2011 03:19 AM

Great album! Thanks for sharing.

Fish already bagged on display??? Some were a PETAphile's head
just exploded. :tongue:

jreich 09-01-2011 03:21 AM

some of those display tanks were bigger than my bedroom.

jkan0228 09-01-2011 03:26 AM

ahh yes. the asian market! Fantastic place
Hey bro, 你看得懂中文嗎?
Yea man I'm chinese

radioman 09-01-2011 03:39 AM

pics 52 and 54 are amazing

BradH 09-01-2011 04:34 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Amazing! Thank you for sharing those pics! Looks like every tank in there was heavily lit and running co2.

tuffgong 09-01-2011 04:38 AM

Great pics! Thanx for sharing. Are there any stores in the US that even closely resemble these shots?

karatekid14 09-01-2011 05:23 AM

Very cool, I can't believe those fish are hanging in bags. Why? Save space, but wouldn't they die faster?

IWANNAGOFAST 09-01-2011 06:29 AM

that is so cool!! I wonder too why they come prebagged.

speedie408 09-01-2011 06:32 AM

And we wonder why US is so far behind scoring on the IAPLC. It's because, "WE DON'T HAVE STORES LIKE THESE!!"

AFA here in SF is better than nothing, but I wish we had Goldfish Street here as well. One day!

demonr6 09-01-2011 11:50 AM

I am so f*ing mad right now.

We couldn't combine all the stores in the US and come close to what is on that street.

dubvstudent 09-01-2011 01:01 PM

What are prices like on a single portion of stems or moss? converted roughly to USD. With that kind of competition I imagine dirt cheap.

chiefroastbeef 09-01-2011 03:17 PM


Originally Posted by dubvstudent (Post 1498216)
What are prices like on a single portion of stems or moss? converted roughly to USD. With that kind of competition I imagine dirt cheap.

I am in currently in Hong Kong, and I go to the fish street a couple times a week if I am not traveling for work. :)

Majority of ALL plants there sell for $10HKD ($1.2USD), wrapped in cotton, in a black pot, and bagged with water. The more rare ones will be double or triple the price. For example, the normal green bacopa sell for $10HKD, it comes with four stems. All the plants are PRISTINE, no signs of bad growth, no stunting, no holes, no yellowing or anything. The best looking aquarium plants you've ever seen in your life. After it gets into my tank, that is another matter. :P After all, with so much competition, a customer simply walks to another shop to buy better plants.

More than 80% of the plants in this picture are $1.2USD per bag. I buy most of my plants from that shop.

I never buy the livestock hung on the bags, only in the display tanks.

Here are some prices at the fish street(you must go to various stores to get these prices, but most are comparable):

-10 Taiwan Fire Reds- $12USD
-10 Cherry shrimps- $4USD
-4 stems of pink bacopa- $2.50
-10 Celestial Pearl Danios- $15USD (depending on season, prices were double this just two months ago)
-1 Electric Blue Ram- $7USD
-1 German Blue Ram- $5USD
-1 Cardinal Tetra(they give deals the more you buy, 5 and get 1 free sorta thing)- $.50USD
-1 pot of Downoi, with 4 heads- $3USD
-ADA 60-P- $80USD
-A big bag of moss(depends on the kind) - around $4USD
-Most swords/crypts with nice growth- $1.2USD
-10 Chili Rasboras- $6USD
-a 7"x5" inch densely tied bunch of Java Fern (10" high leaves) goes for $1USD
-a big rhizome of Anubias (bigger than you and your moms hand combined) also goes for $1USD

And of course, no shipping charges, no transport stress to the plants or livestock.

The above prices are for the fish street, if you go to the local HK for sale forums ( ), prices are even cheaper. $.10USD for a cherry shrimp, crystal red shimp for $12USD, etc. With +100 cherry shrimp in my tank, I don't bother selling them in Hong Kong, I give them to friends. :)

When the time comes for me to go back to the US, I may just quit the aquarium hobby, there is no way I'd be wiling to pay US prices after living in HK. :)

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