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shrimpNewbie 08-26-2011 12:34 AM

25G cube brazillian jungle updated 5/6/12
So i started this after my 10g was showing signs of an inevitable crash, i was also sick and tired of trimming a hyprophila that i don't know the name for certain every two days, so i tore it down, put the cories in my 20 long and the betta sadly perished a week after teardown, i believe he had bloat but im not sure, RIP Brucie.

However the remaining bloodfin tetras got a new home, so far they obviously love it, they have colored back up in a way which is more vibrant than before, I got the flow right on this one, anyway here are the important parts.

rather bad FTS
I believe this is august 10th, first day up.
Tank 25g 18inch acrylic cube, drilled on back, back and right side are painted black, may end up doing the left side one day.
stand is a fluval osaka 155
Filter is a rena xp2 with xp3 motor to be replacing the xp2 motor
Lighting is 2x24 watt T5HO with individual parabolic reflectors
Co2 is a work in progress, need to find instructions for a 2 inch reactor since there are no 1 and 3/4 fittings here, and I'm lacking a co2 tank, will include a photo of my reg and post body
substrate is black quartz with osmocoteplus and peat moss under it
hardscape is slate stones and a nice manzanita piece that fits the footprint IMO
Flora, the fun stuff, some java moss and flame moss, a nice tiger lotus picked up 8/25, and some staurogyne Porto vehlo that came with the lotus, and an anubia nana, not sure what type it is.
Fauna is 6/8 bloodfin tetras and two ivory apple snails, one of the snails is dying =\
I only dose comp and on occasion I will dose just potassium and iron.

this tank will be seeing alot of changes as it grows in more, I will be adding some amazon sword pups to the back left, and the back right will be seeing a low growing low light plant as it gets a lot of shade, will also be adding a short fin bristlenose pleco pair, be it albino or not, and more bloodfins. already had bloodfin eggs layed but removed them to protect them, trying to get them to take.
anyway my rig as promised
The bubble counters arent mounted but they're jbj brass

And also will be posting my emersed experiment here.

shrimpNewbie 08-26-2011 12:35 AM

Tank updates
So much has changed in the last few months, not many new plants just a lot of growth a new light and a new filtration system coming in. Here an updated photo 5/6/12.


An update today 8/25/11
I added staurogyne porto velho and the lotus you see behind the wood, also some new slate
just added some swords 8/25

Update 10/13
Alot has changed but not really, most obvious is the growth of pretty much everything and the addition of S repens.I am down to 4 bloodfins 4 rummynose and 1 EBJD, all of these fish are in here for a short term till the really big tank becomes affordable, [I don't recommend keeping even the rummynose tetras in a tank this small].

I do have a bit of an algae problem on my s porto vehlo and quite abit on my moss near the top which is not avoidable in this case without co2, it is about 3 inches from the light...

shrimpNewbie 08-26-2011 12:35 AM

Emersed growth Updates here
I will update this with My emersed setup

So I started this tub a few days ago when I got a great deal on some staurogyne repens, unfortunately for me it was emersed growth so I didn't want to kill it off completely by putting it in my 25g without co2 going, so i set it up emersed in a small shoebox with organic soil an acrylic top and an led array. havent noticed growth yet but i'm hoping it is rooting in, here are pics of it setup

here is the lighting project for the bigger tub that will hold 4 shoeboxes
the box on the right houses 2 par 30 leds and the left houses par 38s
this is a pic of the output at 6 inches
closeup on the cheap wiring

the lights output is very similar to strong car headlights

Edit: 8/31 Got some ug and a nice stem from dollface for shipping price gotta really get going on this setup, will be visiting walmart tomorrow and maybe ace for some wood, need to make my fixture more rigid, I can't wait to try to grow ug, any advice?

In other news I got some nice growth going on with my s. repens, I noticed some melting and I think it is from too much heat and not enough humidity, so gonna try to fix that soon. got stuff to buy and like no money right now.

Update: 9/1
Finally got the full setup going instead of just one tub with some simple single bright led pendant, the bulbs are par 38s, as you can see my s repens is realling taking off, do have some melting, on the left tub there is a couple ludqigia stems and ug, hopefully it carpets in thick =] the right tub is still empty and will remain this way till my s repens is ready for a trimming in a week or two. will be letting the ug grow till it is super lush, then i'll start using some for my tanks, I must say I'm impressed with the s repens growth and can't wait to see it in this much brighter environment.

if you have any questions about my setup please ask i'll be glad to answer

2in10 08-26-2011 12:50 AM

Beautiful hardscape, pretty setup

shrimpNewbie 08-26-2011 03:08 AM

thank you for that very nice comment, though i think it was of day one =p a week and a half update has been posted and will probably be adding an amazon sword in a few minutes when i find out if i should alcimate it or not since it is emersed

shrimpNewbie 08-26-2011 05:12 AM

not sure all the swords are staying but the amazons will

shrimpNewbie 08-27-2011 05:39 AM

I got a new toy today, still waiting on walmart to get a lid for the 90 liter tub as it is the only place that has the size i need.

also have more news, i may end up using my two 10 gallon tanks as emersed growth ug if I can ever get rid of my neons and a ram and hopefully get some raok ug. will be attemptiong to get this setup going soon

also new toy is a zoomed reptifogger, works amazingly well never knew it worked so quickly, will be melting a hole in my tub for the output and hooking it up to a humidity control for percise control, will have 90+% humidity in my tub

shrimpNewbie 08-28-2011 08:35 AM

setback on my emersed setup I blew out the 3 fans i set up to cool the bulbs while they were on, too many volts going through them =p better luck next time gotta go get more

2in10 08-28-2011 05:08 PM

That sucks on the fans

shrimpNewbie 09-01-2011 06:02 AM

Traded a bundle of ludwigia repens stems for 4 rummy nose tetras, they were acclimated and put in, hopefully they survive, I also put in my electric blue jack dempsey after a long quarantine, he is coloring up even more and love to tear up a whole earth worm even at under an inch.

got a free hygro or something I need id'd will be posting pics tomorrow as I finish the emersed setup, also due for a ftw as plants have grown in nicely so far. little bit of algae but no big deal lowered my light period to 7 hours

shrimpNewbie 09-02-2011 08:24 AM

finally finished the lighting for the emersed project, updated the post for it =p

shrimpNewbie 09-05-2011 08:24 AM

lots of growth on the s repens in the tub, added some ug as I mentioned have yet to see some growth from it but im sure it will grow, no melting from it at all and i am amazed, as far as the cube goes the porto vehlo is growing but not as fast as i would like it to, the amazon sword wall is growing nicely already sending up baby leaves i can tell this stuff will be a royal pita once it digs in some more, but luckily 6 of the plants are going in cups for my cichlid tank leaving 3-5 plants for the green wall, the lotus is doing very well seeing some bright orange and red colors, I do have some green algae on my moss and some brown on my anubias but not worried photoperiod is 7 hours now so hopefully it will receed, the jack dempsey is doing great and so are the rummies, they are all co existing and eating well, but to be honest i am surprised the dempsey is okay with the high flow, the bloodfins seem to love the flow.

unrelated to this thread i did a partial rescape to my 20 long and wow it looks so much better if anyone cares i'll post comparison pics tomorrow along with updates on this one

shrimpNewbie 09-18-2011 07:56 AM

been a while since I updated this, will try to get one in tomorrow.
As a teaser the S repens is exploding as are the plants in the 25g, missing another bloodfin and 1 bloodfin is gravid. the rummies are doing amazingly and the jack dempsey hasnt killed anything =p

cableguy69846 10-01-2011 06:22 AM

Where are the updates man? Good lookin tank and emersed set-ups.:thumbsup::D

2in10 10-01-2011 02:00 PM

Definitely need some updates

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