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mscichlid 05-29-2011 10:28 PM

CCA does ACA
Hey all,

We're less than 2 months out from American Cichlid Association Convention 2011.

1. The promotions are in full swing! Have you seen the June edition of TFH yet? We have a full page ad!

2. Convention Registration prices will be going up in June. Have you registered yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Register before the prices go up.

3. Our Speaker List is complete:
Zeb Hogan - Awards Dinner Keynote Speaker

Ad Konings - Malawi Cichlids

René Krüter - Tanganyika Cichlids

Vin Kutty - Pike Cichlids

Greg Steeves - Presented by CARES

Ken Davis - Presented by the North American Discus Association

Charles Hawks - Presented by the Angelfish Society

Mike Wise - Presented by

Wayne Leibel - Presented by the South American Study Group

Eric Hanneman - Presented by the Central American Study Group

Joe Middleton - Presented by the Central American Study Group

Rusty Wessel - Presented by the Central American Study Group

4. You spoke and we listened. Discus subclasses have been added to the ACA 2011 Fish and Art Show - presented by United Pet Group.

5. Have you seen the Map yet? We have more than 120 places to recommend to convention goers. But do you have some great ideas for itineraries? What route would you recommend to visitors? We will be compiling them to add to the webpage, so let's hear them!

6. We will be conducting our final raffle for an Ultimate Registration Bundle
The Ultimate Registration Bundle includes the following:

* 1 Free Registration

* 1 Limited Edition T-shirt signed by our Featured Speakers Zeb Hogan, Ad Konings, Rene Kruter and Vin Kutty. The Limited Edition T-shirt will be the same red motif shirt that the Convention Staff will be wearing. It features the same graphics as the regular convention t-shirt.

* 1 (almost) new iPad 2 signed by our Featured Speakers Zeb Hogan, Ad Konings, Rene Kruter and Vin Kutty. The iPad will have been lightly used during the convention.

* Anyone who has purchased a Full Registration or Registration Package by 11:59 P.M.(DST) on 10 June 2011 will be automatically entered. Funds must be received and cleared by this time.

* A winner will be randomly selected at the CCA meeting on 11 June 2011.
* The winner's name will be announced on the CCA webpage by 12 June 2011.

* The free registration will be in the form of a $50.00 refund.

* The winner will receive the registration amount and t-shirt when he/she physically checks in at the Convention.

* The winner will receive the iPad after the conclusion of the convention. All data will be wiped clean and reset before the transfer.

ACA 2011.
The Cichlids Are Coming.
Be Here.

CCA President/Founder

mscichlid 06-26-2011 07:10 PM

Registration goes up July 1.

Do you have a beautiful cichlid that you would like to show?

There will be folks selling fish and plants from their rooms.

Rare and interesting fish available in silent auction and more fish at the B.I.T.C.H.E.S Oral Auction.

There will be a huge auction on Sunday.

We hope to see you there.

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