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Glud 04-25-2003 09:45 PM

Soon i'm going to give my tank a "makeover", and one of the tasks are to get a new substrate. I have been thinking of Flourite, but it's not on the market in Denmark. When i was browsing i found out that the german website,, sells it, but before i buy it i would like to know if it's really that good, because it pretty expensive :down: (certainly for a 13-year oldī :? ) So what's everybodys oppenion? Also, how many bagss do you think i need for tank that measures 32"x16"x16"?

- Glud

Rex Grigg 04-26-2003 01:49 AM

It's a great substrate. But is it worth it? I doubt it. You would need four bags to get just over three inches of depth. You can mix it 50/50 (based on depth) with gravel which will save you money.

aquaphish 04-26-2003 02:21 AM

I use Flourite and mixed it like Rex Grigg mentions. But for being on a budget Flourite can be too expensive. I hear that you can use cat litter but I have not tried it. Some will mix some regular plant soil.

If you look around you will be able to find other substrates instead of the expensive ones.

Good luck


Angel12 04-26-2003 10:57 AM

you could also try another product called Laterite this is similiar to Flourite but perhaps not quite as good and comes in varioius sizes.

Rex Grigg 04-26-2003 12:58 PM

Do yourself a favor and forget the kitty litter idea. I have beat this subject to death and there are more kitty litter horror stories than there are success stories.

Laterite is not similar to Flourite. Flourite is a complete substrate and Laterite is a substrate additive. They are both a source of iron but they are by no means similar. If Flourite is too expensive or unavailable then Laterite is a good way to go.

SNPiccolo5 04-26-2003 04:24 PM

If you use laterite, treat it like you want to kill it... 6 feet under if possible. That stuff clouds your water like nothing I have ever seen before! However, for a substrate on a budget, this is what I would do...

First I would put a very thin layer of peat moss in the bottom; I got this tip from Rex! I have never used it, but it seems a small amount won't hurt anything but still has some potential to make a difference. Then, I would put a second, thicker layer of half sand half gravel (a handful of medium sized gravel could help too) with laterite and maybe a little bit of peat moss, but only a small amount. The gravel is to prevent compacting and if you use a little bit of a larger size that would preven it even more... Then, you could either top it off with sand or gravel of your choice. A good layer would "seal" in the laterite layer w/out compacting it too much. Hope this helps!


dlwarnock 04-27-2003 03:00 AM

Flourite is absolutely worth the money. You'll never regret it or have to replace it.


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