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joetaff 05-19-2011 04:11 AM

29 gallon Hi-tech pre build list
Greetings everyone,

After a three year hiatus from planted tanks I have decided I want to get back into it this summer. I will be moving in august, but I dont want to wait that long to get going and I figure a 29 shouldn't be to bad to move and it will give me an excuse to change things up if I want to.

Ok here are the planned specs so far:


29 gallon. I picked one up from craigslist yesterday. It was $50 for a tank and stand, the stand is beautiful and worth the $50 in and of itself, but the tank is a little old. IT has a manufacture sticker dating 1994, making it roughly 17 years old. it seems to be in good condition but I still don't know if I will just buy a new one for >$60. Ive never resealed a tank and if I decide to keep it I will certainly try it, but for some reason a tank that old just scares me a little I dont want to wake up to a loud crash *splash* hehe.


Ill probably just do eco complete, 2 or 3 bags I love the dark color of it. I was looking into black sand as well, thoughts??


Also got a killer deal from the same guy I bought the tank from for (2) Odyssea 4 (formerly Jebo 328) for $20. granted they don't have the tubes and some connectors with them yet, but they can be bought fairly inexpensively online. I was a little hesitant about them, but Ive read some decent reviews, and hell if one fails (it might). I have another waiting to jump in or cannibalize for parts. its rated at 317 gph but i'm sure since its so cheap its probably in the >180 gph range. still alot for a 29 haha.


I'm planning on finally taking everyone's advice and doing the AH Suppy 2x55 watt bright kit. I'm going to try a DIY wood enclosure
that's a rough idea of what I want haha

But I figure a 110w bright kit will allow me to grow just about anything in a 29g.


I don't know what kind of dosing regiment I want to follow. I don't want to be fussing with it daily for sure, I have yet to give this much thought. Any ideas?

Pressurized Co2! finally making the leap!!! I might pick it up off craigslist with a 5lb tank and the fosters&smith (semi) set-up. or if that falls through Ill still prob get the fosters&smith and rent the tank.


I dont know if you can read the text in the picture, but I want the scape to go from left to right and then gradually go back up towards the right from the middle. And I want a nice branchy driftwood piece

heres one of my current inspirations (thanks to helgymatt)

I want a little more emphasis on stems in the background, but If I get anywhere close to this Ill be damn pleased.
Another great inspiration although again I want more emphasis on the background. I want it to be more overgrown and full vs a perfectly manicured, amano esque, look (not that its a bad thing in any sense)

I plan on doing a full Journal/Build thread once I get a little closer to starting, Any advise, thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

Its good to be back!

joetaff 05-19-2011 07:17 PM

Sweet, thanks everyone :)

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