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msjinkzd 04-08-2011 02:07 AM

Gallery of livestock
Please do not post in this thread. I am going to post up pictures of present livestock as it comes in. Not all items will always be available. This is just to help have a database of my interests and to help the members here get an idea of what species I like to work with :)
All images are my own (don't mind the water spots and blurriness) and of the actual stock I carry.

Rednosed shrimp (Caridina gracilirostus)

Tiger shrimp:

"Blueberry" shrimp

Cherry shrimp (mix of imported and domestic stocks)

Yellow shrimp:

Green babaulti shrimp:

Malawa shrimp:

Bumble bee shrimp:

Bamboo shrimp:

Indian whitebanded shrimp:

Dwarf zebra shrimp:

Amano shrimp:

msjinkzd 04-08-2011 02:25 AM


Zebra nerite:
Red spot nerite:
Bumble bee nerite:
Green spikey nerite:
Assassin snail:
Mystery snail (brig/pomacea diffusa):
Yellow antenna tylomelania:
Red lips nerite:

msjinkzd 04-08-2011 02:55 AM

2 Attachment(s)

Chilli rasbora:

Pretty tetra (hemigrammus pulcher):

Pseudomugil furcatas:

Pseudomugil signifer:

Clown Killies:

Microdevario nanus:

Yunnanilus cruciatus:

Rasbora rubescens:

Dario dario:

Black bar endler:

cardinal tetras:

Hara jerdoni:

Norman's lampeyes:

Black kuhli loach:

Ameca splendens:

Espei rasbora:

akysis sp. catfish:

Rummynose tetra:

habrosus cory:

Danio margaritatus:

Chilli endler:
Attachment 29536

CW010 (gold laser cory):
Attachment 29559

msjinkzd 04-26-2011 02:49 PM

Espei rasbora:

Furcatas rainbows:

Microrasbora kubotai:

Dwarf puffers:\


msjinkzd 08-10-2011 02:56 PM

Few more:
O. woworae:

Yellow neo:

Clown killie:

Dario dario:

Tiger shrimp:

Brevibora dorsiocellata:

Danio kyathit:

M. kubotai:

otocinclus and Scleromystax barbatus:

Sawbwa resplendens sub-adult:

Y. sidthimunki loach:

Neocaridina palmata:

H. amandae:

M. nanus:

T. micagemma (sparkle eye white clouds):


msjinkzd 08-18-2011 06:41 PM

Lemon tetras (couldn't really get a good pic as I let the algae go to town for the otocinclus in the tank):

Some of the angels I have that need new homes (they are spawning every 3 days, I ahve 3 pairs):

Wild guppies that hitch hiked in wiht an order:

msjinkzd 08-23-2011 04:04 PM

Scleromystax barbatus:

neocaridina yellow

ember tetras

espeis rasboras





danio kyathit

O. woworae

CW010 gold laser



sid loaches


bumble bee nerites

msjinkzd 10-18-2011 06:01 PM

More mature sawbwa resplendens males:
Male above, females below:
Another wild guppy male:
two more wild guppy males:

msjinkzd 11-01-2011 07:02 PM

Rhinogobious zhoui
bumble bee shrimp
atyoida pilips (green lace fan filter shrimp)
Boraras naevus (strawberry)
Pseudomugil furcatas
tank raised cardinal tetras
Roseline barbs
Silver dwarf hatchets

msjinkzd 12-04-2011 01:53 PM

Dario Jaintia hills male and female
tiger shrimp:
green cf. babaulti
batik nerite
Boraras naevus
y. sidthimunki loach
stiphodon percnopterygionus

msjinkzd 12-09-2011 12:13 PM

Orange neo:
Caridina propinqua:
neocaridina "rili"
Atyoida pilipes "green lace"
Boraras naevus
Neocaridina palmata "blueberry"
Caridina cf babaulti "green"
Neocaridina yellow
Boraras brigittae
Meteor minnow:
Viet noi orange and white bee

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