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FDNY911 04-04-2011 04:14 AM

120 Gallon Journal - 8/5/11
Well to begin with, I moved from my beloved city (NYC) to Petersburg Virginia! I left my wonderful job with the FDNY to be with my family and basically have a better life more suited for me (slower paced and less expensive homes lol). So I had to break down this tank and start new. I'm glad I did because I realized a few mistakes I had been making and then learned from them. I feel better about the tank and how things are turning out for me. I learned patience and research are very integral in this hobby. I noticed making a habit of the good things aren't as hard I thought they were. I even have a "journal" or Record book of all the ferts, water changes and parameters for the week! I'm usually not that organized lol. I have a small room in the back of the house to keep all my things including the tank. I cant seem to find my CF card which had the original photos of the beginning of this tank ( I did mention I am not very organized right?) so we're going to have to jump right into this one.

So here she is:

Moving day

The new home. Yes, that's a window but its only view is of the dining room lol.

Some better shots of how it is now. It's actually gotten a lot more clearer.

All in all, the tank is doing fine. I had a bacterial bloom that lasted about 2 weeks maybe less. I just kept up with my normal routine with it.

Plants list:

Blyxa J.
Giant HairGrass
Purple Bamboo
Rotala Macandra
HC (I'm going to be ordering a lot from a member here, who I keep forgetting to email back, Sorry!)

Equipment and Ferts:

Giesemann AquaFlora x2 and Midday Sun x2 T5HO x8 hours.
Co2 via GLA 10 lb double manifold into 2 Inline Atomic Diffusers.
Two Eheim 2217s with full media and 100ml of Purigen in each.
ADA Aquasoil 2 with PowerSand Special.
RootMedic Root Tabs in the rear of the tank.
Dosing RootMedics Macro/Mirco solution.
Micro 12 pumps on Sun-Tues-Thurs-Sat. Macro is Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun.

Current inhabitants of the tank are a few dozen Pond Snails and about 50-100 Ramshorn Snails.

I still have a GH of 8-9 and KH of 2-3. I'm thinking if I can acclimate CRS/CBS or RCS very carefully I might be able to start a colony, but I don't know if that water might be hard enough to cause molting problems. I'll try anyway.

I need to get the HC ordered so I can get that carpet going. I was thinking about holding off on shrimp till the HC can get a good grip. ODing with Co2 should help this process.

I don't like the GHG. I would like to get E. Vivipara back there instead. This is just way too stiff! Blyxa is growing very very well. Purple Bamboo not so well. R. Macandra is doing ok.

Hope you enjoy and stick with me on this 2nd or 3rd journey lol. :cool:

FDNY911 04-04-2011 04:15 AM

BTW that Eheim 2215 was added to help with the cleaning of the water. It's packed with about 500ML of Purigen and numerous fine filter pads. It worked lol.

im2smart4u 04-04-2011 05:24 AM

I like the layout of your drift wood. I really like the piece on the right. How did you make it appear to float like that? Is it hooked to some slate or something that was then buried in the substrate?

I am sure it will look great when you get your carpet going and your other plants take off. I kind of like it now, though. The brown spots in the substrate in the full tank shot almost looks like leaf litter on the bottom of a forest floor. I don't know if you see that, maybe I am just crazy.

Wolfgang 04-04-2011 09:11 AM

I like how your tank looks right now. I don't know, maybe it is just me, but sometimes to me less is more. Your tank is pretty bad arse as is.

SkyGrl 04-04-2011 02:47 PM

nice! the move turns out to be a good thing :) learning is always fun and the end result is always better. love this. it looks great. the layout is very nice and open.. now what will you stock it with?? not just snails i hope... :hihi:


FDNY911 04-04-2011 07:20 PM

Im2smart, thanks. The branches on that piece actually come out of the tank and they just happen to hook perfectly onto the center brace. I see what you mean about the forest look. It looks good from far but once you get up close the possessor stones you see are actually kinda ugly lol.

Thanks Wolfgang. I agree less is more. I was thinking about leaving the wood pieces totally bare except for one spot on the base of the really big piece. I want to attach HC.

Thanks Amy. It was a great thing I go to start over because it totally sucked before lol. I'm going with a large school of Rummynose tetras. But that's a maybe because of the shrimp. I know Rummys can get aggressive sometimes. So I was think micro rasboras.

I installed the Hydor Inline Heater today. Looks pretty good. Happy I got it. No more in tank heaters !

nonconductive 04-04-2011 08:23 PM

nice tank!

FDNY911 04-13-2011 02:50 AM

Update coming soon. Planted 20 pots worth of HC. Unfortunately I think I still need another 20 lol,

JamesHockey 04-13-2011 03:04 AM

I LOVE root medic (and over_stocked) but those frets at 12 pumps 3x a week is going to cost you like 10000&383839494949494747747374 dollars a year

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!shadow! 04-13-2011 04:01 AM

Wish I could see pics

FDNY911 04-14-2011 03:09 AM

Should be able to see the pics now Shadow

FDNY911 05-04-2011 04:47 AM

New Update:

Water is totally starting to clear up very well!!! I'm so happy !!

I ripped out all the Giant Grass in this back corner because the Rotola Macandra is really, really taking off now. I had to trim it because it grew over 24 inches lol! I chopped them in half a few weeks ago and they reached the surface again so now I have probably tripled the amount I had before. I am going to replace the entire Giant Grass from the background and corners with the Rotola Macandra.

I have 3 stems of Purple Bamboo but they look pretty crappy. They have doubled and are peeking out of the water currently but the leaves look really bad.

HC is starting to spread now, but I just ordered a lot more to cover up the bald spots in the back.

I also will be ordering more Blyxa to put in the center towards the rear in a half circle to match the corners, and have the new HC planted around them. In about a month I will be ordering from MsJinkzd aka Rachel aka awesome, a large, large school of Chilli Rasboras and then a massive order of CRS. No specific grade yet but I'll update as I find a good source.

I added a Koralia 800gph powerhead to help get the co2 mist to the bottom of the tank and man things are already looking better. I am upping my Macro Micro dosing up to 24 pumps per bottle, 3 days each.

My waterplant DC keep leaking into my tank, spilling out all of the chemicals into my tank. Is that going to be a problem? I did a 60% water change yesterday, but that was just my normal maintenance. I think I am going to purchase a new glass DC because they also keep losing suction from the glass.

Also I am planning on doing my own 42 LED DIY fixture for the tank with a sunset/sunrise feature (and maybe lighting haha lol maybe).

I think thats about it so far.

Thanks for looking!

FDNY911 05-04-2011 01:27 PM

Lol Please don't mind the cardboard box blocking out the light. It really spills light everywhere. Pictures never come out right.

FDNY911 05-04-2011 03:25 PM

Any answers on the 4dkh question? Should it be a problem that the 4dkh spilled into the tank?

orchidman 05-04-2011 03:36 PM

it shouldnt be a problem, especially with the amount of 4dkh compared to the tank size.

i like it alot! and i really like the background of that giant grass. and the blyxa

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