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rossi32s 04-16-2003 03:58 AM

Dont like reading Military time?
goto your profile and scrill down to Date format and put this in:

m-d-y, g:i a

It will appear as:
4-16-2003, 11:49 PM

ginnie5 05-01-2003 02:09 AM

much better. Now I actually know what time a post was made. :lol:

Rex Grigg 05-01-2003 02:58 AM

What's wrong with 24 hour time? Most of the world runs on it and all my watches use it, my computers are all set to use 24 hour format, my PPC uses it, work uses it (with a 100 click hour too) I don't see what the problem is.

rossi32s 05-01-2003 03:06 AM


I grew up a Navy brat and have a wife that works in a hospital and Istill cant stand military time.

Lazyness on my part?

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