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Francis Xavier 03-04-2011 07:33 PM

New ADGShop Buyer Rewards Program
Aquarium Design Group implements new Buyer Reward Program

Houston, Tx, 03/04/2011 - As part of new plans for 2011 to re-innovate Aqua Design Amano product offerings in the United States, Aquarium Design Group (ADG) has implemented a new buyer reward program that is automatically applied to all buyers.

This new program instantly adds and accrues points to customers and clients of ADA through ADGShop for money spent on product as a way to reward those who choose Aqua Design Amano products. Whether a customer purchases a bag of AP-1 Fish Food or a complete ADA 120-P Aquarium setup, they are rewarded for their loyalty, patronage and appreciation.

The basic premise of the system works in the following formula:

Every dollar in product spent results in one point earned.
Per 20 points accrued, the customer receives 1 dollar worth of store credit on their account (or 5 dollars back per $100).
There is no minimum point requirement for redemption. This can be applied at any time by the customer.

The new Buyer Reward Program is effective immediately on all purchases, and while the system is brand new to ADGShop and ADA offerings, it allows for much greater integration and development as time progresses. This enables possibilities such as:

Bonus Points awarded for special purchases
Pre-Order Bonuses
Double Point weekends

When you make a purchase, you can check the amount of points accrued by your account at by simply clicking on “My Account” then under “Other Features” select “My Rewards”

Your accrued Rewards will then show and you can Redeem these at any time to apply to your order!

Aquarium Design Group, LLC is the North American distributor for Aqua Design Amano, Co. Ltd products such as Nature Aquarium Goods and Do!Aqua. This offer is exclusive to Aquarium Design Group / and is not redeemable via other venues in which we have no affiliation For more information, visit,, or

Contact Information:
Frank Wazeter
Aqua Design Amano USA / Aquarium Design Group
832.459.5172 or

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