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tuffgong 02-09-2011 01:35 AM

Albino Sterbai Cory Fry (New Video 05.25.11)
So I've got a breeding pair of Sterbai Corydoras and I've been raising 6 fry for about 2 weeks now. Everything is going along great, but it looks like I have several albino sterbai cory fry along with the normal sterbai fry. My question is have any of you guys ever bred sterbai and experienced anything like this? I will try to get some pics but they are still pretty small and don't keep still very long.

chad320 02-09-2011 01:41 AM

I have no idea about the albinos, but im amazed at people who get 6 or more fry. The only thing ive ever had happen with cories is a small one will magically appear one day. Probably a month old. How many adults do you have and what size tank?

tuffgong 02-09-2011 02:16 AM

I have two full grown adults in a 20g long. I just moved them into the 20L about 2 months ago and have been conditioning them with mostly grindal worms and some blood worms and frozen daphnia. Before moving them to the 20L they were in a heavily planted 55g with a bunch of other corys.

For some reason Sterbai are hard to come by around here so I only had two, but this weekend I was able to locate some more at ridiculous prices and purchased two more. They are now in QT, but I'm hoping that adding them to the 20L will increase the spawn or maybe even develop into a mated pair. I definitely have my eyes open for a couple more to get the school up to 6 corys at least.

Saturday morning I collected 8 more eggs off the glass and plants in the 20L. This was by far the pairs largest spawn. So far two have hatched and it looks like the other 6 are going to make it. So we will see....

I've got a group of Pandas that spawns all the time in their species tank, but they always lay the eggs in the flame moss and I never feel like pulling it out of the tank. Well about a month ago I found a little guy who somehow survived and I've been fattening him up ever since. He's grown tremendously and now swims with the school.

wkndracer 02-09-2011 02:17 AM

Cool post. I'm with Chad320 on the survival rate thing. Eight pandas in heavily planted tank and only one baby seen in a year. Figured to find more in time but only the one. He's 3/4" long now and only see one.

Kibblemania1414 02-09-2011 02:20 AM

Ya i have 2 bronze and 3 albinos, they have never bred though.

lauraleellbp 02-09-2011 02:22 AM

Congrats on the spawn!

I really am curious to see a pic of your albino sterbai whenever you can get them to sit still for their photoshoot! :D

chad320 02-09-2011 02:33 AM

Well thats some useful info. I suppose if I payed attention to collecting eggs, I might have done better :) So you hatch/raise them seperately I assume? Can you tell us newbs a little more info on your process?

tuffgong 02-09-2011 02:59 AM

Pix as promised!:thumbsup:
Sterbai Cory Fry. There are 4 in this shot. The albino fry is in the bottom right of the cup.
Dad(L) and Mom(R) a couple days after going into the 20L. You can really see the size difference between the genders in this shot.
One of my new Sterbai Corys relaxing on the Blxya in the QT Tank.
My lone panda cory fry in the Panda species 10G where he was born and raised without my help.
A better shot of the little guy.

lauraleellbp 02-09-2011 03:02 AM

Great pics!

Wow that albino really does stand out as different, doesn't it? I wonder if it will stay that way? Can you tell the eye color yet?

[psst- the albino is on your "other" left! :flick:]

tuffgong 02-09-2011 03:33 AM


Originally Posted by chad320 (Post 1287531)
Well thats some useful info. I suppose if I payed attention to collecting eggs, I might have done better :) So you hatch/raise them seperately I assume? Can you tell us newbs a little more info on your process?

I'm still kind of a newb myself. This is my first attempt at breeding corys. I've had pepper corys spawn successfully in my 55g somehow. I think it's b/c they spawn so frequently that a few are bound to survive due to sheer numbers. My panda adventure is mentioned in previous posts . Eventually I will try to breed the panda's but I'm going to focus on the Sterbai for now.

I'm a huge believer in live food so I did most of my conditioning with grindal worms. I've got 4 cultures going that I use to feed from more days than not. I rarely feed on Sundays. I am usually able to harvest enough to feed 3 tanks heavily twice a day with some loss to other fish in the tank. I supplement with blood worms, daphnia, ken's earthworm sticks, and ken's sinking cory sticks. When I put zucchinni in the tanks for the otos I do see cory's nibbling on the pieces that are on the bottom. So I'm not sure if that helps with conditioning, but I know it doesn't hurt. I also feed Ken's algae wafers and veggie sticks in the tanks for the oto's. I feed those mostly at night and I'm sure the corys eat some of those also, b/c the tank is spotless by morning!.

I perform 80-90% WC's every 2-3 weeks. The water isn't freezing but it's definitely colder than the water it is replacing. The tank temperature usually stabilizes in a couple hours. This could be a trigger for the Sterbai to spawn, but I have delayed the WC b/c they are in the middle of a spawn 3 weeks after a WC. IME the spawn is more so triggered by conditioning and good water quality. My water is really hard according to the test strips I used a while ago so I'm not sure what factor that plays in the equation.

Once I see spawning from the Sterbai I try to pay attention to where the female is placing the eggs b/c her initial spawns were really small. The last 2 spawns she has taken a liking to the glass so the eggs are really easy to spot and collect. 2 or 3 initial spawns were unsuccessful IMO b/c the eggs weren't fertilized, but the last three have been robust with all of the collected eggs hatching.

I use my fingers to collect eggs of the glass. Some eggs slip and float to the substrate, but are easily sucked up with a pipette. If the egg is on a leaf and I can't get it off with my fingers I will just trim the leaf. Once collected I place the eggs in cheap plastic cups with several holes poked around the lower 1/4" of the cup and one hole in the bottom center. I've hacked the hood on the Panda's 10g for other purposes and the opening created is a perfect size to "float/wedge" the cups against the hood and the rear edge of the tank. Initially I just leave the eggs in the cup. As I see them getting ready to hatch (4-5 days) I will place a small bunch of java moss in the cup. I perform daily 50% WC's on each cup and attempt to suck out the crap at the bottom of the cup with a pipette.

7 days after hatching I start with really small grindal worms. The fry actively hunt them down and it's a pure joy to watch. By the next WC the majority of the worms are usually gone. I repeat the WC and Grindal worm process until the fry are big enough for me to find in my 2.5g tank. Once transferred to there I continue to feed the grindal worms but also start with all of the same food used to condition the parents and some of Ken's flakes to grow them out.

Wow, that was a lot to type...

tuffgong 02-09-2011 03:36 AM


Originally Posted by lauraleellbp (Post 1287564)
Great pics!

Wow that albino really does stand out as different, doesn't it? I wonder if it will stay that way? Can you tell the eye color yet?

[psst- the albino is on your "other" left! :flick:]

Thanks! Believe it or not those are all taken with my iPhone.

Yes, the albino really threw me for a loop when they hatched. It really looked like the egg was swimming around. I studied it for quite a while before I realized it was an albino. So far I have 3. I can't see any eye colors yet. The oldest one is getting pretty big so I think in a week I will be able to see more of his details.

Thanks for the correction!

VaultBoy 02-09-2011 03:47 AM

Do you happen to have any pics of the eggs? I have seen my female sterbai carrying eggs in her ventral fins a couple of times and then a short time later i found about 100 eggs stuck to my hair grass and i assumed this was her... when i read that a clutch of 8 was the biggest you had seen i now think those eggs were neons.

hopefully one day a little one will just appear as i have not seen any other eggs in the tank (except when the female was carrying them) but it is a community tank and the neons, cories and synodontis are pretty good at finding stuff in there.

tuffgong 02-09-2011 04:13 AM


This is not my pic, but this is pretty much what they look like:

My emerald corys had clutches of around 100 eggs. My pepper corys probably lay around 50 eggs/clutch. If you have a Sterbai laying 100+ eggs you should share your secret! :)

I do know that neons are egg scatterers so those eggs were probably not theirs. I also think neon eggs would be considerably smaller than cory eggs. My neons pig out on the eggs when my emerald corys spawn on the glass.

VaultBoy 02-09-2011 05:53 AM

i just found that same pic... and now im sure that they are cory eggs.

the first time they spawned i only realised when i saw my neons swimming around with a mouth full of eggs... time to do a big water change with some colder water and see if i can trigger another spawning hopefully this time they wont all go mouldy/fungussy or whatever happened last time, maybe they werent fertilized???

as far as any secrets go, too be honest i dont know what i did... its just a community tank and i only had 2 sterbai in there and a mate bought me another 2 the next day it was full of eggs... just lucky i guess :)

larryl 02-09-2011 05:32 PM

Congrats on the babies! I never got any albinos when I was breeding Sterbai but they are not too uncommon, just google for: albino cory sterbai

I used to breed them in bare 10 gallon tanks, one pair per tank, with a sponge filter in the back corner, and a handful of Java moss that floated freely and tumbled in the current from the sponge filter. A few days of heavy feeding and then a 50% water change with cooler water usually triggered spawning. They'd stick their eggs to the Java moss, and I'd use a tweezer to pluck out the bits of moss that had eggs atached (to avoid handling the eggs directly) and move them to a small container with gentle aeration until they hatched.

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