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HolyAngel 01-20-2011 02:15 PM

5G -Was Shrimp Haven, Now Betta!
Time for journal #2! Since none of us can have just 1 tank lol I had bought 12 Cherry Shrimp a couple months ago to go in my 29G, but after a couple weeks, I noticed I was down to just 4 of them left :/

So I did what I could, and transferred them all into my 1.5G Hex until I could get another tank for them. I was wanting to get an Ebi for this, but the funds didn't work out in time and it wasn't a big deal to me to have it or not so I ended up getting a regular TopFin 5Gallon. I figured at worst, I could derim it and clean up the silicone at some point if I really wanted it to look nice, which right now i don't just yet.

So anyways, setup the 5G with some Floramax Midnight Black(sp?), swapped the stock incandescent for a 6500k 15w CFL, the hood has a decent/ok reflector for it and it seems to work nicely for the plants, defintely have had good growth over the last week. And currently using the stock 15G HOB filter, with seeded media from my SunSun on my 29g, since my 20/50 HOB's won't fit with the stock hood on here and i'm not getting a CF for this *quite* yet.

I put the 4 cherries in here and grabbed 20 more from Malibudandy on Aquabid to put me at 24-25, didn't realize my GH/KH were to high and lost 2 but all the rest are fine and water params are good now. I've slowly acclimated this tank down to 0-1KH and around 2-3GH over the last 3 days to prepare for the new CRS I bought from BSmith that should be here.. Today!

I started dosing when i set this up but have since stopped, just gonna go for root tabs and diy co2 for now. So far so good. Only fish I have is an Oto right now for some algea clean up on the glass. Other than that this will be shrimp only ;)

The current scape is something I threw together super quick just so i could get the shrimp in and whatnot, when my other plants arrive this tank is due for a major rescape so no worries on that. it's gonna change.

Here's a quick FTS I took and the lone oto ;) More to come soon!

HolyAngel 01-20-2011 02:43 PM

Few stats of the tank:

Ammo: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: ~10ppm before the last water change
KH: 0-1dKH
GH: ~2-4
Temp: 70-74 F

E. Tenellus
Rotala Rotundifolia
Bacopa M.
Fissedens Moss (?)
Marimo Balls
*Soon* Tropica 049
**Possibly soon** UG/HM/HC and/or L. Aromatica - not sure other than that.

~23 Red Cherry Shrimp
1-2 Oto's
~12 A/S/S+ Crystal Red Shrimp <- will be in soon

Also waiting on the mineral rock from msnikkistar to try out ^^
Currently alternating foods between Kens bottom dweller mix(pellets), super color+ mix(pellets), shrimp growth mix(flakes), and dried bloodworms. They seem to love it all :)

Note: Actual shrimp pics soon lol

rickztahone 01-20-2011 03:02 PM

Just make sure when you acclimate the CRS to take your time. I recently got some SS and although i took about 3 hrs to acclimate them i still lost like 4, at least that i can tell since it's a heavily planted tank. They tend not to like newly set up tanks but from your parameters it seems like you are on point. Stability is key to CRS survival IMO. I also think my co2 might have had something to do with the deaths. Good luck!

HolyAngel 01-20-2011 03:20 PM

Yeah I've been researching and reading about CRS for the past couple months to attempt to get prepared and yeah, started with the RCS for the past couple months. I will definitely acclimate them slowly and carefully. I've had luck using PlanetInverts method with acclimating shrimp so far, I *definitely* don't want to lose any though, or at least as little as humanly possible :P

So far in this tank I've been doing daily 15-20% water changes with RO/DI water to keep the nitrates down and get the water down to proper specs(for CRS) since I originally used Prime'd tap water(KH/GH:10) to start this tank.

CO2 definitely may have had something to do with the 2 RCS deaths I experienced though, it was either that or yeah, the water i attributed it to earlier; but all the info I can find says CO2 shouldn't affect them at all, assuming you raise it slowly and whatnot which is usually done and what I did. However I haven't had any deaths or any strange behavior since I've been changing the water so that was my reasoning there. idk.

I plan to stay on top of this as I'd like to get all the shrimp to start breeding in here. As of about 2 days ago, all my RCS females are saddled, and all of the RCS in general have been molting regularly and are seemingly pretty happy.

So I believe things are looking up in the shrimp department and I'm hoping it'll stay that way with the CRS. I'll definitely keep your advice in mind, and anyone else's that wants to offer up some info :)

Thanks :)

HolyAngel 01-20-2011 05:17 PM

Ok, yay for successful arrival of all the CRS! Thanks BSmith! Looks to be 6 or so youngin's, some juvies, and the best of all, a berried adult!

Just waiting to get off work here to slowly acclimate them and put em in.

I'll update w/better pics after I get done ^^

HolyAngel 01-21-2011 02:15 PM

Can anyone recommend a nice camera that allows you to focus the picture that doesn't cost $500? I need one because this phone is not really working out here. Pics regardless tho, there's a bunch!
Here'e a nice shot of most of the CRS acclimating, definitely a good look at the berried girl, and a good size comparison of the shrimp ^^
Some of them are so little! I got 12 in all and so far everyone is doing fine :)
This is where I wish I had a better camera :( I have 2 adult CRS, one male one berried female, here's the male, really wish i could get a better shot here :/
And here's the female munching down and aerating her eggs, plus some others if you can spot them!
I swear this oto loves the camera
And a saddled Cherry! Would look nice if it wasn't so blurry! :(

And thats it for now! Off to hunt for a new camera, comments welcome! ^^

avandss 01-21-2011 05:24 PM

For a sub300$ camera i would stick to canon

HolyAngel 02-08-2011 02:53 AM

BIG update here too ^^

I removed all the moss save for a bit on the right side(i forgot :P) due to most of it being completely covered in BBA since that was basically the only plants i had in here and no co2. :/ I moved it all to my QT tank and have been dosing daily h2o2+excel+light blackout(there's no fauna in there) to get rid of it, so far so good and no melting of the moss. I may eventually move it back in here once i can get something to attach it to as I haven't had any aglae issues since I fully planted the tank.

I removed all the pygmy chain sword in here, and added a bunch of S. Repens, 1 limno aromatica stem, some bacopa m, and some rotala rotundifolia stems in place of that and the moss.

I had this glass co2 diffuser in my 29gallon before it broke on me while i was cleaning it, go figure for a cheap ~$5 glass diffuser off [Ebay Link Removed] So I heated up the end of an airline hose and stuck on what was left of it, then superglued to be sure and attached to another .5l bottle of diy co2. Thats working very nicely right now and i'm liking it, the plants especially are too.

Also got rid of the 5-15g HOB filter in favor of a TopFin 20 HOB. I took out all the filter media from the smaller one, cut out the activated carbon from the built in floss unit and stuck em in the topfin 20. And since I noticed there was a bunch of open space behind the filter floss, and I wanted to run an airstone somewhere in the tank without fear of degassing my co2, I decided to stick a white mist airstone from petsmart in the bottom of the back of the filter, and then add biomax on top of it, basically a mini moving bed filter that is *highly* oxygenated. So far it's working great :cool:

New things in the shrimp world, my berried CRS still hasn't given birth yet, i'm anxiously waiting that as I know it's coming soon lol. And as of 2 days ago, one of my cherries is fully berried as well! And there's another 3-4 females fully saddled, so looking forward to that. Got some mineral rock from nikki and it's definitely helped with their colors and for sure molting. Haven't had any else go on with the tanks, all is and has been well so far. Made the switch to pure RO water and yeah, no issues ;)


Berried CRS!

Left side close up

Right side close up

Comments always welcome!

Shrimps''R''Us 02-08-2011 03:20 AM

Nice CRS! I like how the the famale is PACKING with eggs. Hehe.

HolyAngel 02-08-2011 03:38 AM

hehe yeah, thats the one i'm waiting on to hatch! ;)

That pic doesn't show they're coloring very well unfortunately, but they're all A-SS grade. I Definitely love having them. They're a bit more interesting the Cherry shrimp.

HolyAngel 02-11-2011 02:05 PM

well i can make out eyes in the eggs she's carrying.. just a few more days then?

HolyAngel 02-14-2011 04:41 PM
Still waiting on eggs to hatch, no luck yet.

Other updates are I ordered a zoomed 501 canister filter that should be here next week. I plan on running it with this HOB I have on the tank right now for atleast a month or two to make sure its properly seeded but may keep it indefinitely just for added filtration, we'll see.

Also got some Tonina Fluviatilis in here and more on the way! I think i'm definitely going to go for a south american theme here and remove the bacopa at least, if not the rotala as well, the limno so far is looking okay and considering it took a month to grow, I'm gonna leave it for now lol.

And finally, I'm having a bit of an issue with the lighting for this tank. I'm using a 15w(most wattage the stock hood will take and only 6500k bulb i could find) compact flourescent, one of the twist kind, and the light distribution is just horrible. It looks to be high light on the far right side of the tank, and low light on the far left side, the plants are growing that way anyways(rotala on the left grows straight up, rotala on the right bends to the floor) and thats how the light even looks to the eye.
I'm not sure what to do about it, the tank is 16"L x 8"W x 10"H.
I've seen 12" T5NO's at walmart that I thought about using with a makeshift reflector but not sure on the amount of light that would put off at 10" from the substrate, I don't want to have high light, looking for mediumish. I've also looked at the big clip on lights and desk lamps but i'm not sure having the bulb vertical like that(in terms of the socket orientation) and then pointing it at the tank will still cover the whole tank adequetly like i'm looking for..

Any suggestions or thoughts?

HolyAngel 02-14-2011 04:55 PM

also considering diy LED or something, but not sure how many i'd need and/or at what wattage :/

HolyAngel 02-15-2011 01:40 PM

OMG, they're SOOOOO tiny!!

I've only found 2 baby crystals so far but there has to be around 10x that amount in here somewhere. yay for successful birth! :)


Still searching for an alternative light for this tank, any idea's/suggestions would be greatly appreciated..

Jaggedfury 02-15-2011 01:41 PM

Awesome! In no time you will have more offspring.

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