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Zareth 12-13-2010 10:47 PM

To Plant the Nano - The Journey.
First I'd like to say hello, I read this forum for a few hours every day and decided to join! This place has already been a great resource and I bet it will be even more useful now I am a member.

I live in Murfreesboro, TN and I am a college student studying Mechanical Engineering (might minor in botany:hihi:) so if anyone lives near me lemme know!

I'm going to be getting either an ADA or Do!Aqua nano for christmas with an eheim 2211 and AS Amazonia and I'll document the process here as I begin the scape and try to DIY an attractive table lamp style lighting fixture as well as figure out a way to heat the water in line with the canister filter for aesthetic reasons.

So since I don't have anything to post quite, has anyone fabricated something that allows them to heat the nano externally?

I will eventually go with pressurized co2, and I also have no knowledge on fertilization but I will search around for info on that.

I want to plant HC as a foreground carpet and Dwarf Hairgrass in the rear - I am not sure I want anything else other than hardscape. Hopefully it will not be too difficult to get HC and hairgrass to thrive in a small tank.

Some problems I have run into on my 20g tiger barb tank - semi planted - low light - diy co2 - that I do not want to run into again include Brown Algae or Diatoms that I can never get rid of. I dont want to have to cycle this tank so I will definitely be transferring some filter media from the old tank. Is this a guaranteed way to get Diatoms in my new tank?

I know glosso is very susceptible to algae and the Diatoms love my Anubias Nana in my 20g as well as the glass - will HC's small leaves be completely overwhelmed and rendered unable to photosynthesize?

And finally what rate of success will I have with HC and hairgrass in aquasoil amazonia with diy co2? (i can make many bottles and t them all together if need be untill I can afford pressurized, which I will also likely fabricate myself)
I know that has very largely to due with light and ferts - I doubt I can make a small enough t5 fixture to accent the tank nicely so I will be using some form of flourescent and I suspect my wattage range is going to be between 20-40 watts depending on the bulbs I go with.

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