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kor4ever 03-30-2003 03:29 AM

I had an idea. Bear with me as I have no knoweldge of plant biology. I was reading about Tom Barr's idea on mega dosing in FINS. Basically, his idea is to dose alot of the NPKs and than perform a LARGE water change 12 hrs later.

I was wondering if this idea coul be modified such that the large dose of NPK's are added during the night. Since plants are higher plants, they are able to store nutients to a much higher capacity and than before your lights turn on do a massive water change to lower the levels to normal. This way the plants will have stored up enough nutrients, while the algae would not be able to store as much. In which case, help the plants outcompete the algae.

Thoughts anyone?


kor4ever 03-30-2003 10:51 PM

Well, I'll be trying it out myself after I get some PMDD supplies, maybe I can give you guys more information then.


SNPiccolo5 03-31-2003 01:27 AM

If I am right, plants take in and store nutrients during the day (lights on) and grow during the night. Then, I'm not sure if they would store nutrients during the night. The one things I see as a con to this idea is that it "wastes" nutrients, but I would like to try it...


kor4ever 03-31-2003 01:39 AM

I'll go ask around, I know plenty of plant biology concentration majors around, sure one of them will know, if not I'll ask a professor.


kor4ever 03-31-2003 04:03 AM

I think plant cells uptake nutrients throughout the day through cell transports; however, they only store glucose during the day as it is produced during photosynthesis and consumed at night during respiration. I'm sure they will still store nurtients even if they use it at night, as there is a greater concentration in the water column. Just a thought.


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