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imnappy2 11-02-2004 05:50 AM

Wisconsin LFS'!!!
The one wisconsinite holding strong here!! Maybe I should just talk to myself in this part of the forum. Imnappy2 how do you feel about the lfs's near you??

imnappy2 11-02-2004 05:53 AM

Well Imnappy2 I go to school in Milwaukee and live right downtown, the local fish stores downtown are not that great. The prices vary, the best spot for plants, information, and all round solid store is Hoffer's Tropical Pets on 76th and Good Hope Rd. But its a 20+ minute drive depending on traffic to get there. Great place though. And my home town of Eau Claire, the lfs just wasnt up to par on anything. Dont really know if there are any new ones yet.

imnappy2 11-02-2004 05:55 AM

Thats so weird!! Thats my hometown too!! And I would agree that probably is the better of the LFS's for prices, knowledge, and overall store.

Talking to myself just isnt cutting it. I just cant seem to get my gf interested in planted tanks!!

unirdna 11-02-2004 04:46 PM

Hey goofy :). There are a few of us in Wisconsin....unfortunately for you, we are all in Madison. There is a pretty good shop here (Aquatic Specialties) that specializes in planted tanks, but otherwise, it's mostly just the same old "super"stores (with a couple of decent "mom-and-pops" as well). I went to school in EC. You're right, not much there as far as plants go. Some wacky stuff in the back of that hardware store on Clairmont though ;).

You got an album thread on the forum? Mine all start with "Uni's blank blank album".

imnappy2 11-03-2004 05:24 AM

I grew up in EC and now go to school in Milwaukee. Last year for that though.. graduate in may. BSME from MSOE. about time 5 years later. I post all my pictures and what not on yahoo pictures and just reference that. its all my pics though.. sign into yahoo to see age restricted stuff if interested.. lol. ie Harley Fest and Indy 500. But not much on the planted tank yet. Moved to indiana for the summer to work at the H2 manufacturing facility so took my tank down.. sold the 55 gallon and now am in the process of setting up a 75 gallon but have some MAJOR green water problems that for the life of me i cant seem to get rid of. Just glad to see someone from WI on here. I see you have a shrimp as your icon or whatever, you dont happen to have some shrimp besides ghost shrimp that you are interested in selling?

imnappy2 11-03-2004 05:26 AM

And that Hardware store right up on main street and clairmont? Benfranklins is what it used to be.. definately a strange place. Used to buy alcohol underage at the hole in the wall liquor store next store when i was a senior in hs... lol

dissident 11-29-2004 01:46 PM

I'll chime in, so you can have another Wisconsinite around. I spent some time on the east side of milwaukee after I finished college, and then moved to the northside closer to work. Been up here for 3yrs now.

dissident 11-29-2004 01:52 PM

BTW I have 3 planted tanks, 2 are really mine, the other is the wife tank (45gal guppies). Hopefully likns are in my sig now.

unirdna 11-29-2004 01:57 PM

Nice looking beginnings to those tanks, dissident. What's with the 45 gal - you spend all that money on the Eco Complete, and then don't plant anything in it ;)?

The 65 gal is sharp - that will be a real jewel in a few months.

dissident 11-30-2004 03:44 PM

It's not eco-complete, just some cheap black grave the wife picked out. It is still cycleing, only been up for a few weeks.

djp 12-28-2004 07:27 PM

New guy, down in Kenosha. At least you guys HAVE stores up there! :icon_conf

dissident 12-31-2004 05:33 PM

Kenosha is a quick jump to milwaukee. Closes to you would be Aquatics unlimited. But their plant selection is not as nice as Hoffers (North Side, GoodHope and 76th st).

You been planting tanks long?

Shouaamos 01-21-2005 06:16 PM

Hey guys,

I'm from Appleton and we got a few choices in LFS but they're not really worth looking at. Better selections and quality from local breeders.

Azimuth 02-11-2005 06:00 PM

Hi guys.

I just came across this forum today. I'm in Milwaukee...Franklin actually.

I hear you mention Hoffers? I've never been there; I'll have to head over and take a look at it this weekend....

I've been to the place downtown on 3rd street (Martina Luther King Drive?) quite a few times....great shark tank, and I'll probably be buying my next filter from them, but the store is not the cleanest, and the people working there asked me if a cardinal tetra was a salt water fish......good prices on hardware though.

Aquatics unlimited is my main source for information (after the internet), fish, plants, and "some" hardware". I had to call 3 times to verify they were really asking 300 bucks for a 160 dollar filter....but the knowledge of the staff is remarkable, and they truly seam to enjoy what they do. Some of their display tanks are worth the trip alone.

Thereís another small place on Okalahoma between 76th and 108th...I'll probably never go in that place again. Many dead fish in the tanks...and they have the nerve to sell painted, dyed, injected, and mutated fish as a wild breed...there prices are a little high and the staff seamed like they were being forced to work there. Their Co2 display tank looks like the Co2 has been depleted for a few months, the plants were all withered and brown, and there were dead fish in the display....I think it was once a good store, but it looks like the owners just stopped caring.

The last place I can think of is a small store in a strip mall on the corner of 76th and Okalahoma. Not much of a selection and the lady working at the counter didnít even say hello to me when I walked in. Nice looking store though, and worth a trip if your browsing on a weekend afternoon.

unirdna 02-11-2005 08:43 PM

Great post Azimuth!! I'll be using it as a reference next time I head into MeelewaKay.

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