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Heatherdersh 07-22-2010 08:12 AM

Heather's 27 Gallon Cube//mini update 1.5.12. Low light, low tech
I'm upgrading my 10 gallon into this tank and have just set it up tonight. Plants in literally minutes ago :D


Tank: Marineland 27 gallon cube w/ stand
Lighting: Marineland 9 watt Double Bright LED fixture w/ moonlights, supplemented with 30 watts spiral CFL DIY from my 10 (will adjust with more/less light as necessary)
Filtration: Rena XP2
Substrate: 1.5 bags Flora Max
Co2: None as of now. I ran DIY on my 10 but I've nixed some of the high-tech plants from that tank and want to see how this one fares with Excel only. I know I'll probably get sucked back into the world of red plants though (not to mention my lighting...I can't help it, I love a bright tank) and at that time will do DIY again until I can save for a pressurized system.

Flora (at present, and too lazy to remember the scientific names, forgive me):
Java Moss
Flame Moss
Christmas Moss
Peacock Moss
Dwarf Hair Grass
Narrow-Leaf Java Fern
Sunset Hygro
Anubias Nana
Cryptocoryne Lutea
Cryptocoryne Wendtii Bronze
Rotala sp.
Mystery Val
Unknown plant probably a Wisteria-like Hygro (same leaf shape as water wisteria, only the leaves are variegated)

Fauna (tentative)
8 Cardinal Tetra
2 German Blue Ram
3 Albino Corydoras
6 Von Rio Tetra
1 yoyo loach

I have 5 cardinals as of now, the GBRs, yoyo and corydoras (overstocked for a ten I know! But they're moving up on Friday!) And a lonely Von Rio tetra who was a charity case. He was shipped into work with the Serpaes so I brought him home to wait it out for my eventual larger tank, which I've got now, so first chance I get I'm going to get him some buddies for a proper school.

Anyway I know that bioload is still a little high, but I'm overfiltered and religious about my water changes so hopefully it will work out :)

Anyway, no pictures as of right now because I'm presently without a computer/internet due to moving just a week ago (I'm only able to post now because of the wonders of mobile phones) but hopefully I can get some up Friday when I go to my dad's to pick up the fishies.

alan j t 07-22-2010 08:24 PM

what, no pics?

Heatherdersh 07-22-2010 09:25 PM


Originally Posted by alan j t (Post 1114969)
what, no pics?

Haha I know, I'm awful. I was just so excited to start the thread I couldn't help myself! Pics tomorrow when I get to a computer, I promise! For now I'm doing all my updates on my phone and the pictures it takes are just awful.

Ok, ok. Crappy mobile photo here:

It's very bare right now since it's only ten gallons worth of plants, but it's a start!

Did that work? It's not showing up on my phone.

Reginald2 07-22-2010 09:50 PM

It worked.

That's a cool sized tank, lots of possibility there. Subscribed.

Is that your conure in your avatar?

Heatherdersh 07-22-2010 10:32 PM


Originally Posted by Reginald2 (Post 1115072)
It worked.

That's a cool sized tank, lots of possibility there. Subscribed.

Is that your conure in your avatar?

Yeah I'm looking forward to experimenting with the aquascape in the size it is :) I fell in love with it instantly, haha. I work at a PetSmart and we got it in on tuesday, bought it wednesday. Tank love at first sight!

And no :( Sadly the conure is a friend's, but I fostered him for the better part of a year and he's still got a piece of my heart.

Heatherdersh 07-24-2010 05:12 AM

The post you've all been waiting for...Pictures!

VERY bare right now! I'll get more plants in there soon, I promise!

3/4 view:

And a shot of some of the cards and 1/2 of my GBR pair:

And a random cute one:

Anyway, it's starting to come along and I'm very glad to have it around. I'm tempted to rehome the lonely von rio and do all cardinals though, they look so cool under the blue moonlights!

I'm getting a black background tomorrow...and that powerhead isn't staying ugly there...I just put it in from the old tank for more bacteria to be present to minimize the cycle. I might keep it if I need it, but if I can get by without it it'll be gone ASAP.

Comments, critiques, suggestions?

Heatherdersh 07-25-2010 11:58 PM

A few more today, yes my camera sucks. I used to use my sister's, but now that I've moved out that's not really practical.

Anyway, added some java fern and alternanthera reineckii. Have didiplis diandra, cryptocoryne balansae and echinodorus vesuvius on the way and that will be it for a bit. I'll let things grow in and go from there :D

And my little helper for kicks:
She's actually the reason that tall val back there only has one leaf. She thought it would be fun to destroy some of my plants while I wasn't looking.

On another note, I have to say I'm really enjoying the floramax substrate color. Previously I used a black substrate and I really like the variations in color of this substrate. It reseems more natural to me.

Heatherdersh 07-28-2010 11:15 PM

Just a small pictureless update. The tank is doing well. All fish made it through the move and the measures I took to prevent a cycle have worked, didn't get any parameter spikes :)

The plants have adjusted and have started to grow. And no crypt melt as of now so I'm very happy. I didn't want my fairly large lutea to have to start over. I have new red and pink growth on the rotala and hygro and my mosses have fresh green growth (as if I need any more moss!).

I have discovered that dry ferts will be absolutely necessary. With my 10 I used the flourish line, but those will run out quickly in this tank so I'm going to invest in some dry ferts once I get paid.

Heatherdersh 07-30-2010 09:17 PM

Payday! And that means dry ferts. I just ordered NPK and Plantex CSM+B from GLA.

Once I consume the contents of a few 2-liters I have around here I'm going to rig up DIY Co2. I've decided just to go with it given I'd rather prevent algae in the first place than spend months fighting it off once it starts to bloom. Then I'll go with the EI dosing method with the dry ferts and hopefully the tank will begin to flourish.

Also, a pressurized system may be in the works sooner than expected. Living on my own again has once more turned me into a thrifty girl and I've managed to save quite a bit of money this month, even with tank-related purchases (and new apartment-related purchases, for that matter!) Hopefully I won't have to run DIY for too long!

AkCrimson 07-30-2010 09:58 PM

Love the tank! Someday I will have a many possibilities with that depth! You've done a really nice job with it...

I'm doing DIY right now, can't wait until I can afford to go pressurized!

Heatherdersh 07-31-2010 12:22 AM


Originally Posted by AkCrimson (Post 1120926)
Love the tank! Someday I will have a many possibilities with that depth! You've done a really nice job with it...

I'm doing DIY right now, can't wait until I can afford to go pressurized!

Thank you! And yeah I ran DIY on my 10 gallon and even though the tank spent a few months being "perfect" just as I wanted it, the DIY was a PITA. That was mostly because of the location though and how hard it was to access for changing out the mixture (it was on a baker's rack with minimal space) but the 2 liters will fit nicely under my stand now so I may be able to tolerate it better this go around. Optimally pressurized will happen within 3-4 months, but if not at least I (presumably) won't hate DIY with this tank.

Heatherdersh 08-10-2010 12:23 AM

Got my plants. None to thrilled. The crypt was small and pathetic, they left out the didiplis diandra, sent two bunches of ludwigia instead (one of which has rotted to nothing). The only thing I was impressed with was the swordplant. I've been making attempts to contact the company but they won't return my calls. I'll keep trying, but they've lost my business for good.

In other news, my GLA order came in and I'm fairly excited to start an EI regimen on my tank. I'll rig up the Co2 tomorrow and start dosing then. Silver linings, eh?

Reginald2 08-10-2010 02:40 AM

I ordered some plants and they came in kind of rough too. It was cool to bring them back though. I don't think I got more than a quarter inch off of any plant.

When I got my CO2 I wanted to stare at it for hours on end in utter satisfaction. I have a helper/fisherman too. I feel your pain. The tank is looking nice.

Tex Gal 08-10-2010 03:05 AM

So sorry about your plant condition. I always order from fellow hobbyists. I've not been disappointed. I hope your plants will bounce back quickly. :D

Heatherdersh 09-25-2010 09:42 AM


I rescaped tonight and it's still cloudy (in addition to mobile phone pics) but I wanted to show you all the progress I've made with this tank. I bought a new piece of driftwood and love the effect it has. It's visually pretty to me and it's functional. The shy/light-sensitive fish have a place to chill where I can still see them.

Anyway, a pic!!

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