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enchanted 10-16-2004 03:22 AM

Fish Aquariums & Stuff
I noticed there were no Idaho so I thought I should post for my LFS. :)

They have provided me with excellent service and always been helpful.

If you live in Boise they are at the Five Mile/Fairview Strip mall next to radio shack (across Fairview from K-Mart).

10536 Fairview Av
BOISE, ID 83704 - 8019
(208) 377-1119

cojo0667 02-21-2008 08:56 AM

I believe that the place you are talking about is Idaho Aquaculture and Aquarium. I haven't yet been here but I will try to this week. The address is
11307 Fairview Ave.
Boise, ID 83713.
Phone #: 353-4287.

Another place in town that I like is called:
Boises Freshwater Aquarium
10488 W Overland Rd
Boise, Id 83709
Phone #: 378-3310

This place is the best I have been to so far. I am hoping that Idaho aquaculture has a better plant selection because BFA has only just started to carry live plants. They actually just opened up in the past year. They have an awesome selection of fish. Tons and Tons of Cichlids (unfortunately I dont keep these) and almost any other freshwater fish you could think of. He has had pike, eels, shrimp, snails, pufferfish, exc.

Again, I'll do some homework on the other fish store. Anyone from Boise Idaho please contact me!

Sakmeht 03-09-2008 11:24 PM

I was just at the Boise Freshwater Aquarium on Overland and Five Mile and was REALLY impressed. He takes trades and gives store credit/cash for fish and was really knowledgable and friendly. Lots a cichlids and lots of tetras, I noticed. He has some decent driftwood and carries the SeaChem line. I picked up some Java Moss and Anubias and managed to score some free Malaysian Trumpet Snails while I was there! I haven't been so pleased with a store since the guy on Chinden blvd in Garden City went out of business... he carried mostly cichlids.

cojo0667 03-29-2008 03:56 AM

Just wanted to let everyone know that Idaho Aquaculture is officially closed. I had never been there before but when I tried calling their phone number the guy answered had said everything had been donated to the boise freshwater aquarium. So it sounds like we have an observable aquarium place now, I know nothing of this but on another note which i noted earlier, I love boise freshwater aquarium. I need to call them and see what rainbowfish they have in right now and what kinds they can order for me. They are the best.

cojo0667 01-27-2009 02:58 PM

Aren't you talking about yourself?

ravenmyth 10-27-2009 03:05 AM

SW Idaho Local Fish Stores
Fish Aquariums and Stuff is alive and well on Fairview in Boise. They have a good selection of healthy fish and I have found their staff very helpful. Their plant selection is limited but I have had good success with the ones I got there.

Boise Aquarium on Overland has a broader selection particularly of chichlids and tetras. I have not purchased from their limited plant selection. Gorgeous display tanks.:fish1:

NewDisign 06-14-2011 02:03 AM

I was looking for more local fish stores when I came across a place called Fish Aquarium & Stuff (link to site home page). on Google Maps, if you type in the store's name, note two things.
1)When you click search, two results show up if you type the store name, location A and B. Location B on 3023 North Cole Road Boise, ID 83704 is shown as permanatly closed. Location A on 6112 W Fairview Ave Boise, Idaho 83704 is its current address. DON'T get confused by which is which or you will both be disappointed and miss your mark by a long ways.
2) on the google map, if you hit Street View, it wont show Fish Aquarium & Stuff. It will show a tire company called RNR Wheels & Tires, dont worry, google took those pictures years ago. I know it's there because when i did discover it yesterday, I went to go drive past it that same day to see if it was real because of googles old maps. Its still open and alive. i got store hours too (shown below):


kgross 07-17-2012 04:21 AM

I just wanted to let everybody know that there is a new shop that sales plants as well.

Aamazing Aquatics
206 E 37st Suite 2
Garden City Idaho
Hours 11-7 monday through Friday, noon-5 on saturday.

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