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melbourne 09-24-2004 03:09 PM

Fish club in Hudson Valley, NY?

I'm looking for a local tropical/planted fish club in the Hudson Valley, NY - (Westchester County).


aquaverde 09-24-2004 04:40 PM

I'm in Ulster Co. and have not been able to find one. Will be watching this thread with some interest.

Momotaro 09-24-2004 09:15 PM

How about you two starting one up?


aquaverde 09-27-2004 06:45 PM


Originally Posted by Momotaro
How about you two starting one up?


Well, I'd be hoping for a bit more of a response. At this point, we could just visit each other and call it anything we wanted to. :)

ksand 10-20-2004 03:00 PM


Originally Posted by aquaverde
Well, I'd be hoping for a bit more of a response. At this point, we could just visit each other and call it anything we wanted to. :)

Dear Aquaverde and melbourne,

I live in Milton (that's between Newburgh and Highland on Route 9W). I hope to be a regular participant on this forum, and I suggest we keep in touch through the Planted Tank.

I enjoy LFS hunting. I've driven from Schenectady to New Jersey. Either of you guys are welcome on the next road trip.

- ksand

aquaverde 10-20-2004 04:51 PM

I'm going to post the link to the page I sent you, ksand.
This is an aquarist that lives in Poughkeepsie and keeps planted tanks. She used to post on usenet, but I haven't been there in a long time, so maybe doesn't any more. The page hasn't been updated in forever, but is still helpful if you're looking for local stores. I printed out this page a year ago, and made a point to visit all of them. Animabilia is one of my favorites, and I posted elsewhere about B&G.

SueFru 10-20-2004 10:56 PM

Although I live in Connecticut now, I'm from Dutchess County, NY. I have family in Pawling and Beacon and would be interested in being apart of a club/group in this area.
Sue in CT

ksand 10-21-2004 12:27 PM

Hello, SueFru - I don't have time to get involved with organizing a club, but maybe we could all get together for coffee one of these days. Have you ever been to that LFS in Greenwich? I've been wanting to take a trip over there.

melbourne 10-21-2004 02:00 PM

Local club

I'm down in northern westchester county, just a stones throw from CT. Also interested in a club if one gets started. I have two planted tanks I started recently both 55's and two 125G reefs and one 37G reef.


ksand 10-22-2004 03:14 PM

Hudson Valley Aquarists
How would one go about starting something like this? I could find the time if enough people want to give it a try. Anyone have a place where a small group of people could meet?

Momotaro 10-23-2004 01:36 AM

You might want to meet at an LFS known for a good plant selection, do a little fish run together, and swap some plants! Stop somewhere and have a little lunch together.

Start small.


ksand 10-31-2004 01:53 AM

New Aquarist Club
I was in B&G Pet Supplies in Newburgh today. I was talking with Matt about the Nymphaea zenkeri I just purchased, and a fellow standing nearby joined in the conversation. It turns out he wants to start a club. He doesn't own a computer, but we exchanged phone numbers. Looks promising, I'll keep this forum posted.

aquaverde 10-31-2004 11:21 PM

There should be someone available on the boards here with some practical advice to offer on what's involved with starting a club.

littleslicknick 12-14-2004 08:25 PM

Hi All,
I am new to this site, but not new to the hobby. I have been looking for a club in our area for a while now. If anyone wants to offically start one, I am willing to do what it takes to give it a strong push. Let me know.

ksand 12-14-2004 08:42 PM

Great! Count me in. Feel free to contact me via email.

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